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Parodi Ammezzati (5) Reviews [view details]

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"tasty, unpretentious smokes"
I have enjoyed these off and on for years now. I really enjoy the flavor, and I find it nice to take a break from "normal" cigars from time to time. Enjoy one with a nice cup of coffee in the morning, it's great.
Dave C. in Beaufort, SC March 6, 2011
"very nice when smokeable"
it's true, these are just fine little cheroots, except that you can count on a certain number of them having holes or cracks making them difficult/impossible to get a draw. ... yet I still keep buying them. >shrug<
zeno in the great northwest February 22, 2011
"Very inconsistent Draw, last box a waste of $$"
I love these puppies.....but that last 2 orders.....[I order 2 boxes of 100].....i got tremendous inconsistency in one box....some great, some zero draw, some inbetween.....BUT And this is a BIG BUT.....on both orders 1 entire box [not 5, not 1 pack]....1 entire box per order was virtually UNSMOKEABLE.....nothing would draw out of these things.....i expect 1 or 2 duds in a box of 100, heck they are cheap......but 100 duds, twice? Unaccecptable......just a shame because I've loved these little buggers for years... And I really want to be clear......I am not a fussy guy, don't have sky high expectations ....I get they are cheapies.....but this is outrageously bad for 2 entire boxed....that's 200 ...were just unsmokeable.... I really thought the kids had done something to play a joke on me......I wish that was the case
mark in kekaha, Kauai, HI September 8, 2010
"Great Little Cigars"
Great little cigar for working around the house and out in the yard. Not a bad taste either for such an inexpensive smoke.
Larry in Georgia May 16, 2010
"The taste is tops"
My great grandpa used to send me to the store with a quarter in the 40's. I returned with a pack of Parodi cigars, candy and change! These are great with a cup of good espresso any time. I take a sip, light a Parodi, close my eyes and let the aroma take me back to happier, less complicated times. farsi una buon fumata!
Cael in AZ January 29, 2010
"Great smoke while working out of doors"
I do lawn maint. and I usually have one on hand to smoke while I'm Buzzing around on my rid'n lawn mower. I have to re-light if I don't pay enough attn. to it. This kindda stretches the cigar burn time for me. I like these about as much as RamRods for a working cigar. I save the hand-made ones for winding down after a long day.
Buffalo S. in Wisconsin November 23, 2009
"an excellent little cigar"
super little cigars at about 60 cents each. a truely all-american product . smooth, subtle flavors with a hint of hickory-smoked dry curing. buy these cigars!
jeff in lebanon, OH October 4, 2009
"Beauty !"
I enjoyed these hard, tasty smokes in my early days in Pittsburgh ( GO STEELERS ) and was overjoyed to find them available at Famous. I like them as much as my other favorites Don Thomas and Conuco. I guess I am not too hard to please!
Paul Kulik in Fairbanks January 26, 2009
"excelent mild cigar at very low cost"
I smoked Parodis for years in Pittsburgh PA.Always liked them,a mans stogie. Question : the Kings are listed as the same length.That is not what I recall
John in Carlsbad CA May 4, 2008
"The "toscano-style" cigar is still a great smoke"
"These are the same "Toscano" style smokes Clint Eastwood made famous in his Spagetti Westerns. I think they are the ultimate masculine smoke. They are the perfect cheroot to light up on a brisk fall or winter afternoon after a day hunting or tramping in the great outdoors. They provide spicy, robust smoke, with a touch of woodsy campfire taste. An economical, everyday smoke that delivers a nice buzz without knocking you on your butt. These "fire cured" little cigars don't require humidor storage either. Why buy those pricy European or Latin imports, when you can buy an All-American cigar made from sweet Tennessee and Kentucky tobacco by a 100 year old factory in Pennsylvannia?
Joe Populist in DC September 17, 2007
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