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"One of a Kind Find"
Great cigar! these small cigars last me about 45 min to an hour each. The cherry-vanilla taste is great, but does diminish as the smoke continues. If you are a slow drawer, you will enjoy this cigar and will be able to smoke all the way down!
Redims in Us of A May 17, 2013
To begin with, I am crazy about Parodi cigars. They're very, very good for the price, and in my opinion beat most premium smokes as well. They're not Gurkhas or Camachos, but they're tasty and reliable. I also love Avanti, which are the exact same cigar but with a strong anisette flavor. So when I saw a pack of these cherry vanilla Parodi at a local shop, I thought they'd be good, too. I'm glad I only bought a pack of five. This tastes, to me, like a re-lit flavored Swisher Sweet or Phillies, nothing like I'd hoped. Now for the record, they are SUPPOSED to come hard and dry - they are dry cured cigars. I've had moist Parodi cigars and in my experience they do NOT burn well and they get steamy and unpleasant. Dry is ideal, even if it feels weird in the mouth. But the flavoring on this on isn't my cup of tea. If you want flavored, I highly recommend Avanti. Otherwise just stick with regular Parodi or De Nobili (same cigar, different packaging)
Colin in Ohio August 10, 2012
"Once was enough."
I love the regular Parodi cigars so I was excited to try these. Not any more. When I was a kid my mom bought some scented matches to keep in the bathroom. The smoke from these cigars smelled and tasted just like the smoke from those nasty matches. If you like scented candles then this might be the smoke for you.
Duncan in Poplar Bluff, MO September 22, 2010
"Really Bad - Smell over powering"
Tried these as was looking for some small cheap cigars for in-between times like at work. However these are not them. The odor like kerosene was over powering and the taste was much worse, not smokable and threw them away. The DeNobili populars or the Kentucky Cheroots are much, much better.
DB in Jax,FL April 17, 2010
"Great smoke after leaving in humidor for a while."
Yes, they were dry and hard, so I left them in the humidor at 69% for 2 months. The result was one of the best American smokes I've ever had. These are absolutely delicious. I just ordered some more.
Franck in Omaha, Arkansas May 15, 2009
"Excellent smoke at a great price"
Every once in a while I find a bad one, but I really like these smokes !!!!
Randy in Washington, PA. April 28, 2009
"Hard as a rock and dried out"
Arrived sealed and new, but were dried out and hard as a rock. They were disgusting and unsmokeable. If they are fresh they are probably good, wouldn't risk it again though.
in June 6, 2008
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