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Parodi Reviews

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Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"A great smooth taste!"
These are so smooth but the draw is slightly bad, because they roll them so tightly. I advise anyone to try them!
An anonymous smoker May 13, 2014
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"Very Satisfying Smoke"
I've smoked over 50,000 of these so far. I do not agree with some others there are draw issues, but sometimes they break during shipment, but have not have had that problem since ordering through Famous. If you go through Scranton, stop by the factory and get a tour from Dominic. Very interesting.
Chip in Wake Forest NC January 1, 2014
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"Issues with draw"
Great smoke but the KINGS as well as the small size Parodi's have had serious issues with being rolled too tight and punctures in the cigars right out of the box. My grandfather and father have all smoked Parodi brand and i have been buying them less due to the poor quality of the rolling. They taste great but at $5.25 a box there are other options especially when 2-3 out of the box don't draw and are unsmokeable.
Vinnie in Daytona beach September 4, 2013
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
At around 12 I started working for brick layer and I ran out of cigarettes and a mudder gave me one. I was sold on Parodi, they smoke really well and you can chew them. I am 62 and still chew and smoke Parodi. They're GREAT!
Robert in az August 21, 2013
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
I find Parodi to be a great smoke! However, more often than I would expect, I find smokes that will not draw no matter how hard try. I am a bit disappointed at this but at this time I still enjoy the smoke enough to stick with them. I hope that you're quality control department gets enough of these negative reviews to eliminate more of the unsmokeable cigars that are getting through to the public. Thanks for your attention.
Robert Gamache in Home June 22, 2013
Parodi Cherry Vanilla (5)
"One of a Kind Find"
Great cigar! these small cigars last me about 45 min to an hour each. The cherry-vanilla taste is great, but does diminish as the smoke continues. If you are a slow drawer, you will enjoy this cigar and will be able to smoke all the way down!
Redims in Us of A May 17, 2013
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
I. Live the UK. And have. Been smoking these. Fantastic. Cigars for many. Years but find. It very difficult. To get. Them in my country so I have. To rely. On friends %26 family to bring them home from the good old U S of A
Francis in Scotland. April 28, 2013
Parodi Kings (5)
"I love these, when the construction is good."
These are the most flavorful smokes in the machine made category. Unfortunately some will be un smokable because of cracking or no draw. But when you get a good one you will know why the old time Italians love these. Real tobacco taste, 100% tobacco and All American made. Smoke one when cutting the grass or sipping a glass of vino on the porch.
Anthony in East Hanover NJ April 14, 2013
Parodi Kings (5)
Just ok
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"Great tasting"
They are a convenient and medium body flavor. I do enjoy them BUT I have found lately some have been rolled to tight and do not smoke and do not burn equally. Still would recomand a enjoyable smoke.
Maurice in Wisconsin November 7, 2012
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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