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Parodi Reviews

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Parodi Kings (5)
Just ok
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"Great tasting"
They are a convenient and medium body flavor. I do enjoy them BUT I have found lately some have been rolled to tight and do not smoke and do not burn equally. Still would recomand a enjoyable smoke.
Maurice in Wisconsin November 7, 2012
Parodi Cherry Vanilla (5)
To begin with, I am crazy about Parodi cigars. They're very, very good for the price, and in my opinion beat most premium smokes as well. They're not Gurkhas or Camachos, but they're tasty and reliable. I also love Avanti, which are the exact same cigar but with a strong anisette flavor. So when I saw a pack of these cherry vanilla Parodi at a local shop, I thought they'd be good, too. I'm glad I only bought a pack of five. This tastes, to me, like a re-lit flavored Swisher Sweet or Phillies, nothing like I'd hoped. Now for the record, they are SUPPOSED to come hard and dry - they are dry cured cigars. I've had moist Parodi cigars and in my experience they do NOT burn well and they get steamy and unpleasant. Dry is ideal, even if it feels weird in the mouth. But the flavoring on this on isn't my cup of tea. If you want flavored, I highly recommend Avanti. Otherwise just stick with regular Parodi or De Nobili (same cigar, different packaging)
Colin in Ohio August 10, 2012
Parodi 2's Twin Pack
"Love these"
Love these, always have. Great taste, great burn and convenient to carry. I've smoked these for over 40 years, still my favorite.
PP in Ohio April 14, 2012
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"Great quick smoke"
I am stocking up for the winter.These are just what the Dr ordered for a great quick smoke for the winter up here.As a matter of fact I may just keep on with them later.Famous hasn't let me down yet.
Sam in Maine December 7, 2011
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"Simply the best."
These little guys are everything I look for in a cigar. Packed with subtle flavors, inexpensive, all American.
Karl in Minnesota November 8, 2011
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"MY Grandpa, Uncles, Brothers, cousins,Fami;y"
My GrandPa from the old Italy and all of my family has and does smoke these. it's a tradition here.Oh you will get a few mal-rolled ones occasionally, but there is nothing better for the price.
Henry in UpState NY July 18, 2011
Parodi Kings (5)
"great smoke then chew"
great smoke a bold flavor that is very enjoyable i smoke 3/4 of it knock the ash off and chew the rest i think there is nothing better.
edward wiley in north carolina May 10, 2011
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"tasty, unpretentious smokes"
I have enjoyed these off and on for years now. I really enjoy the flavor, and I find it nice to take a break from "normal" cigars from time to time. Enjoy one with a nice cup of coffee in the morning, it's great.
Dave C. in Beaufort, SC March 6, 2011
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"very nice when smokeable"
it's true, these are just fine little cheroots, except that you can count on a certain number of them having holes or cracks making them difficult/impossible to get a draw. ... yet I still keep buying them. >shrug<
zeno in the great northwest February 22, 2011
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