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Parodi Reviews

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Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"Great Little Cigars"
Great little cigar for working around the house and out in the yard. Not a bad taste either for such an inexpensive smoke.
Larry in Georgia May 16, 2010
Parodi Kings (5)
"cheap and good."
I used to smoke these back in the 1970's when they were more avaiable. I was happy to find them online since they don't sell them here anymore. I began bringing them to Canada when I go fishing there every spring to smoke in the boat. The friends I go with are now all converts. My only warning is they are harsh but as a macho outdoor everyday cigar there is no better and I have tried them all from Opus X to white owls. I just hope "our President" BHO doesn't find a way to bankrupt this fine company.
Bill in Wisconsin May 1, 2010
Parodi Cherry Vanilla (5)
"Really Bad - Smell over powering"
Tried these as was looking for some small cheap cigars for in-between times like at work. However these are not them. The odor like kerosene was over powering and the taste was much worse, not smokable and threw them away. The DeNobili populars or the Kentucky Cheroots are much, much better.
DB in Jax,FL April 17, 2010
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"The taste is tops"
My great grandpa used to send me to the store with a quarter in the 40's. I returned with a pack of Parodi cigars, candy and change! These are great with a cup of good espresso any time. I take a sip, light a Parodi, close my eyes and let the aroma take me back to happier, less complicated times. farsi una buon fumata!
Cael in AZ January 29, 2010
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"Great smoke while working out of doors"
I do lawn maint. and I usually have one on hand to smoke while I'm Buzzing around on my rid'n lawn mower. I have to re-light if I don't pay enough attn. to it. This kindda stretches the cigar burn time for me. I like these about as much as RamRods for a working cigar. I save the hand-made ones for winding down after a long day.
Buffalo S. in Wisconsin November 23, 2009
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"an excellent little cigar"
super little cigars at about 60 cents each. a truely all-american product . smooth, subtle flavors with a hint of hickory-smoked dry curing. buy these cigars!
jeff in lebanon, OH October 4, 2009
Parodi Kings (5)
"super smoke for the money"
What a great smoke for the price! Like an Avanti w/o the licorice (anisette) flavor. Mellow, very subtle sweetness, and full body for a machine made. BTW, these cigars are supposed to be dry and hard because of the dry cure process. Consistently a 30-40 minute smoke making them alot of smoke for the money. All USA tobacco made by a USA company providing needed jobs for Americans.
jdn in lebanon, OH September 16, 2009
Parodi Cherry Vanilla (5)
"Great smoke after leaving in humidor for a while."
Yes, they were dry and hard, so I left them in the humidor at 69% for 2 months. The result was one of the best American smokes I've ever had. These are absolutely delicious. I just ordered some more.
Franck in Omaha, Arkansas May 15, 2009
Parodi Cherry Vanilla (5)
"Excellent smoke at a great price"
Every once in a while I find a bad one, but I really like these smokes !!!!
Randy in Washington, PA. April 28, 2009
Parodi Ammezzati (5)
"Beauty !"
I enjoyed these hard, tasty smokes in my early days in Pittsburgh ( GO STEELERS ) and was overjoyed to find them available at Famous. I like them as much as my other favorites Don Thomas and Conuco. I guess I am not too hard to please!
Paul Kulik in Fairbanks January 26, 2009
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