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"Love These Little Cigars"
I really enjoy these cigars they have a very bold flavor, better I dare say then some hand rolled cigars. I would not say they were a mild cigar more of a medium to full flavor, kind of a smoke house thing going on there.
Robert in Salt Lake City,UT. February 6, 2015
"I love these, when the construction is good."
These are the most flavorful smokes in the machine made category. Unfortunately some will be un smokable because of cracking or no draw. But when you get a good one you will know why the old time Italians love these. Real tobacco taste, 100% tobacco and All American made. Smoke one when cutting the grass or sipping a glass of vino on the porch.
Anthony in East Hanover NJ April 14, 2013
Just ok
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
"great smoke then chew"
great smoke a bold flavor that is very enjoyable i smoke 3/4 of it knock the ash off and chew the rest i think there is nothing better.
edward wiley in north carolina May 10, 2011
"cheap and good."
I used to smoke these back in the 1970's when they were more avaiable. I was happy to find them online since they don't sell them here anymore. I began bringing them to Canada when I go fishing there every spring to smoke in the boat. The friends I go with are now all converts. My only warning is they are harsh but as a macho outdoor everyday cigar there is no better and I have tried them all from Opus X to white owls. I just hope "our President" BHO doesn't find a way to bankrupt this fine company.
Bill in Wisconsin May 1, 2010
"super smoke for the money"
What a great smoke for the price! Like an Avanti w/o the licorice (anisette) flavor. Mellow, very subtle sweetness, and full body for a machine made. BTW, these cigars are supposed to be dry and hard because of the dry cure process. Consistently a 30-40 minute smoke making them alot of smoke for the money. All USA tobacco made by a USA company providing needed jobs for Americans.
jdn in lebanon, OH September 16, 2009
"Great Cigar, hard to find, and too often broken"
Parodi Cigars are my favorite cigar, but they are harder and harder to find. When I do find them, more and more of them are cracked or broken in the box. This is especially true of the flavored Parodi Cigars. I wish I could find the regular fresh Parodis around here.
Chuck in Morristown, MN December 16, 2007
"Nothing fancy but a good everyday smoke"
American machine made smokes at a great price.If these were imports people would be tripping over each other to get them.
Morgan in Indy August 12, 2007
"A great everyday smoke"
These cigars hold up very well to just chomping on them while you work. They have a great taste and are my choice for an everyday smoke. I'm never without them.
Jack Davis in PA September 20, 2006
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10 Construction (79) 100
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