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Partagas 1845 Reviews

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Partagas 1845 Double Corona
"Big 0"
Partagas 1845 Double Corona. If you can hire someone to smoke this for the first hour. I would say try it. The last 20 min of the cigar has some nice flavor. The first hour taste like rolled newspaper. Would I buy again? NO! NO! NO!
Marc September 13, 2014
Partagas 1845 Corona Extra
"Partagas 1845 Natural 41/2 X 46"
The cigar is not your old mans Partagas; not that the old mans cigar wasn t good but this is different in a great way. Im not usually a ful flavored cigar smoker but this one is easy for me to enjoy. There isno hint of a bite whatsoever even to the nub. As the cigar burnsdown past the first third, I noticed a slight taste of Cognac/Rum ; a slight taste not enough to call it a flavor. I enjoyed this cigar to the nub, di not have to relight it and the burn was excellent and consistant.
William in Lecanto Fl April 4, 2014
Partagas 1845 Robusto
"excellent cigar"
Excellent cigar. Just finished the last cigar in my box. Excellent cigar with a great taste. Excellent draw and consistency what you expect from Partagas and this cigar proves exactly that. Love it. I will be ordering another box.
wassim in montreal April 1, 2014
Partagas 1845 Double Corona
A great smoke easy draw and fabulous aroma it is rated as medium bodied but I thought it was more to the strong side.Partagas is one of my favorite cigars usually a #10 but I like this one very much.
JOHN B in FLORAL PARK NY March 28, 2014
Partagas 1845 Corona Extra
"great short smoke..."
great short smoke, nutty flavor, nice even draw, good from beginning to end.
Steve in Florida February 20, 2014
Partagas 1845 Gigante
"Very Poor Burn"
Burn is extremely uneven
Steve in Florida February 20, 2014 August 20, 2013
Partagas 1845 Toro Especial
"Draw issues ruin a great taste"
This is my 1st Partagas of any type. I bought the coaster tin variety job several months ago and finally got around to lighting this 1845 up. The appearance is rough. Thick veins beneath a chocolate brown, rustic looking wrapper and I don't mind that as long as the stick burns right. It does at 1st, but then it turns into a chore less than 1/3 in. Draw becomes almost a plug for a while. Flavor is almost sweet and surprisingly mild bodied. Sweetness fades around midway point as the body suddenly creeps up. That or I'm light headed from the tough draw. I squeezed and rolled it around to loosen the draw and that seemed to work for me. Smoke increases afterward. I stopped at the band. In spite of the draw issues, I'd be willing to try this in a different vitola. Flavor was good to very good and ash was pretty good. Odd how that works. Oddly, it never need a relight. If these were better built, they d be a top tier cigar.
Terry in El Dorado Co May 17, 2013
Partagas 1845 Corona Extra
"Should come with free draw poker"
All 20 plugged solid. Lousy flavor - and a complete waste of money. Smoke Padron instead. Burn was ragged - just a joke.
Chris in New Jersey March 28, 2013
Partagas 1845 Gigante
"...a dream..."
Big and bold. Once I figured out how the box opened I found an excellent looking cigar. The appearance was excellent and the draw and flavour was consistant all the way through. This full bodied cigar had a nice tone throughout and the ash was wicked.
Joe from Ottawa January 27, 2013
Partagas 1845 Robusto
"Just plain good!"
I ordered a bunch of 5 pack samplers and didn't expect much from this stick. I was wrong. The 1845 is everything a cigar should be. Yes, the wrapper doesn't shine like some others but it comes through big time in flavor, draw, and consistency. I WILL be oredering a box.
JD in Palmdale, Ca November 26, 2012
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