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Partagas Black Label Reviews

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Partagas Black Label Bravo
"Beauty to hold and smoke"
When I first received my box of Partagas Black Label Bravo, I was amazed by the dark black oily wrapper and rich tobacco aroma. I held this beauty between my fingers and thought that this gorgeous cigar could never taste as good as it looks. I placed the box in my humidor at 68% for a month before trying the first. I was not disappointed, this is an excellent smoke with a smooth and slightly sweet oily leather taste. Not complex but has some flavor changes. I’m not an aficionado so I can’t describe all the flavor changes, I just know it’s there and I like it. Plenty of smoke and perfect draw. I’ve smoked 8 so far and no burn problems. You gotta try one.
Vince R in Concord, CA November 12, 2012
Partagas Black Label Clasico
"Pleasantly surprised!"
Construction and appearance were near flawless. The draw was somewhat tight with a razor sharp burn. It didn't exactly put out tons of flavor but there was enough to savor and enjoy. There are definitely more complex and flavorful smokes out there, but at under $100 a box this cigar is a winner!
JD in Palmdale, Ca November 9, 2012
Partagas Black Label Maximo
smoked one for the first time last night and i must say, it was by far the best smoke i have had so far. period! creamy smooth thick smoke, not harsh in a the slightest, yet strong and full flavored! must try...
kirby in pa November 9, 2012
Partagas Black Label Pronto (6)
These babies have been one of my favorites for years-quick smoke, maybe 20-25 minutes. They are fairly potent but have excellent flavor. Always smooth, the dark wrapper is very tasty.
MM in Canon City October 12, 2012
Partagas Black Label Magnifico
"Let them breathe"
With any Partagas Black when removed frm the wrapper or tube you will likely feel they are hard to the touch, let them breathe for a few weeks at least in your humidor until you notice they are softer. The draw will be looser and they will burn better. They are worth the wait as they are one of the most flavorful for the price.
MM in Canon City October 12, 2012 August 23, 2012
Partagas Black Label Piramide
"One of the best strong sticks you'll find"
One of the best strong sticks you'll find. This cigar is mellow with a kick in the last third portion. I call it this sweet spot. I love hitting the sweet spot on the Partagas.
Rosa Delmario in Dallas Texas June 7, 2012
Partagas Black Label Pronto (6)
"Great for newbs and vets alike"
This little cigar got me into the hobby and I always have at least a few tins on hand. Some say the BL line is too strong for new smokers, but this is the standard cigar I give to friends to try. It always gets great reviews. It's got the rich, full, chocolatey flavor of its bigger siblings without the intimidating size, time commitment, and accumulating strength.
Jive Turkey in Corvallis, OR June 1, 2012
Partagas Black Label Magnifico
"I cradled it while in died in my hands."
While I have had some great cigars and have a sense of what a good smoking experience should be, I am in no way one of these jargon-happy aficionados. I just like a good smoke from time to time. Ok, so my stand-by is a Sancho Panza double maduro alicante. Wanting to deviate from my routine, I picked up a Partagas Magnifico. As the price was double my usual cigar, and because the salesperson hyped it a bit, I had fairly high expectations. It lit well enough (soft flame), burned well enough, but I found the flavor a bit one-dimensional. I decided not to be critical until I finished it, after all, maybe the second half would take me to a new and completely different place. Not so much. After a slow, somewhat tedious (read: golf ball through a straw), and relatively flat smoke... it died. Just died. I was in mid smoke and suddenly I realized I was pulling on cooling ash. Then a slight crack up the side. I actually tried to relight it, which tasted terrible, ruined my whole experience, and I ended up throwing basically half a cigar (5-6" maybe) away. On my porch, with my dogs, iced black Americano in front of me, sun shining, nothing to do but enjoy this thing... and it died. Very disappointing.
Dennola4 in New Orleans June 1, 2012
Partagas Black Label Gigante
Not a rookie smoke, this thing packs a punch, but in a good way! Tons of flavor, gigante burns beautifully, awesome aroma. And at these prices, you are getting a real gem.
MM in Chicago May 18, 2012
Partagas Black Label Gigante
"wooo !! strong...but good"
" a man must know his limitations " bought in the three pack sampler its been a while sence i smoked a partagas, and i grabed the black label first....little too strong these days for me, but nice aroma, well built and great looking gar, talk about a slow burn...man you need two days to smoke this thing..but hey, great cigar for someone who likes em strong
russell in brigantine,nj January 27, 2012
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