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Partagas Black Label Reviews

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Partagas Black Label Gigante
"Good start, disapointing end"
Maybe the next one wont come apart while smoking.
jim in idaho October 1, 2011
Partagas Black Label Pronto
"Jury's out"
Really don't know what to say to this stick. 1st one I had was actually quite pleasant, but the last one I had was one of my worst cigar experiences yet. Another 2 to go, so will see
Den in London, England August 4, 2011
Partagas Black Label Crystal
"great smoke"
I only had the pleaser of trying one of these fine cigars once but loved it. It tasted great. I used a punch on it but after a few draws i pulled out my V cutter and that seemed to make all the difference. After that i got a draw off it that was perfect. I will be looking for a box on my next trip to my favorite cigar shop.
Richard Carriere in Canada July 30, 2011
Partagas Black Label Magnifico
"Good cigar with flavorful range"
From the start to the finish this cigar has a range of flavors. Nutty, with hints of chocolate. I have tried other Maduro wrapped cigars, but this has to be the best buy around. I will definitely order another box. They are tightly wrapped, but I didn?t have any problems smoking them. If you are looking for a quick smoke this is not for you. If you want a good cigar to savor with some single malt then give this one a try. The construction is very good and the ash stays in place.
Jeff in Virginia March 15, 2011
Partagas Black Label Piramide
For the price these are a bargin! I love the rich oily wrapper - and the longer you let it age the smoother it is. I love to smoke the ones I have 2 - 3 years after I purchase them on a hot humid day - you get blue smoke from the wrapper!!
Scott A Ferguson in USA February 25, 2011
Partagas Black Label Clasico
"One of Two favorites"
The Clasico is one of my two favorite cigars. I especially like it when I am short on time as it is not a time consuming smoke. One of my two daily cigars!
James Stephens in Jenkins, Ky January 17, 2011
Partagas Black Label Magnifico
It's pointless to make a cigar you can't draw smoke from!!! I'm shocked they haven't found a decent roller...get with the program Partagas!
Zulu in Los Angeles January 15, 2011
Partagas Black Label Pronto
"I have had better."
I like this cigar but you get what you pay for.
Zach in Ada, Oklahoma November 21, 2010
Partagas Black Label Magnifico
"Forget these!"
Impossible to draw these! Had to cut in half to even smoke these. Had one good cigar in 20 that was good draw.
Brian in Montana November 12, 2010
Partagas Black Label Magnifico
"Great medium cigar all the way to the band."
The draw was very good and the taste and quality have been consistently great. construction was very good as well.
Steve Lester in nc November 5, 2010
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