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Partagas Black Label Clasico Reviews [view details]

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WOW! This thing is like a fire hose of nicotine down your throat. Beautiful flavor, wide open draw, and very oily. I had a little trouble on the burn, but I had to put it down, not for any burn or taste issues, but because I thought I was going to pass out! A great smoke, and I'm no light-weight (I usually smoke Alec Bradley MAXX Ego), but it definitely packs a punch.
Rick in Riverside CA June 3, 2009
"My New Favorite"
I received five of these little beauties as gifts. They are absolutely incredible. Buy them, period. Its love!
Ken in Kansas November 18, 2008
"a great cigar at an "every day" price"
i was warned that this was a strong cigar - but found it very much to my liking and not so much strong as flavorful
GWJ in Minnesota September 27, 2008
This is and has been my favorite smoke for the last 3 years. I have tried to find ANYTHING that comes close,with no success. From its sweet start to the last spicy drag. Sweet,coffee, chocolatle flavors throughout. In my opinion this is the best stick you can buy for under 10 bucks!
Paul in Vacouver June 13, 2008
"Now this stick is SMOKING!"
If you want a really well made flavorfull smoke, here ya go.. From lighting to the last draw this stick is fantastic! I will buy a whole box of these without hesitation.
Patrick in Peoria, Arizona March 16, 2008
"Great Cigar!!!!"
I love these cigars they have a wonder full body to the smoke with a sweet almost vanilla flavor that is very tasty to say the least. The burn sometimes gets alittle off, but nothing to bad that a light touch up wont help. Great construction and draw. Highly recommended!!!!
J. K. in KY June 23, 2007
a sweet fakey gross flavor throughout the smoke, almost sickening sweet. aroma not that great either, really lacking character. yuck
luckyvanvan in Atlanta January 4, 2007
"This one is my "Go to cigar""
A friend gave me one of these, it immediately became my go to cigar. I noticed that the supply is low sometimes, so I keep a good supply in my humidor.
Mike W. in Owings, Maryland July 28, 2006
"A great cigar...."
A great cigar...burns even, easy draw, great taste. I highly recommend it!
Louis Casconi in N.J. March 22, 2006
"An excellent all-around cigar"
Great size, smooth draw, and marvellous flavour. It's like a cup of strong coffee (and incidentally, goes well with one). It's a great everyday cigar if you're into power, and the price can't be beat, considering what you get. I make sure my humidor always holds a few of these beauties.
Rob in Chicago February 13, 2006
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