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Partagas Black Label Clasico Reviews [view details]

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"Pleasantly surprised!"
Construction and appearance were near flawless. The draw was somewhat tight with a razor sharp burn. It didn't exactly put out tons of flavor but there was enough to savor and enjoy. There are definitely more complex and flavorful smokes out there, but at under $100 a box this cigar is a winner!
JD in Palmdale, Ca November 9, 2012
"Great cigar to age in the humidor"
I tried a new box of these and like some of the other reviewers had some too strong nicotine issues as well.Got another box as a gift (actually bartered some work for it-will work for cigars)and aged em in the humidor for a year or so.Definitely took the nicotine edge off and yeilded a superb enjoyable mellow smoke now...
Troy N in Houston November 12, 2011
"One of Two favorites"
The Clasico is one of my two favorite cigars. I especially like it when I am short on time as it is not a time consuming smoke. One of my two daily cigars!
James Stephens in Jenkins, Ky January 17, 2011
"A legitamate Boss"
Not a boss of bosses, but a legit boss in it's own right. Aroma, impeccable. Taste, sweet and full. Prelight draw a knee knocker...cough! What a deal famous had when I picked up a bundle of 20 for a song! Classico is the PERFECT size. Burns slow and long! Some draw pretty tight. Have a mini screwdriver or a poker handy.
brent in Kirkland, WA September 26, 2010
Excellent cigar which needs to be enjoyed after a big meal. Took me longer to finish off due to serious buzz it gave me. This cigar is definitely part of my cigar collection.
Bajrang in Charlotte May 26, 2010
"Magnificent In Every Respect"
As a Brit, I've spent the last 20 years smoking Cubans because there's not much else available in the UK. What a tragedy that is because here is a cigar that knocks just about every Cuban cigar I have ever smoked into a cocked hat. Only the truly sublime Cohiba Siglo V betters the Partagas Black in my view, and that really is saying something because the Cohiba is a work of fine art. The Partagas is rich, astonishingly so in fact, delivering a riot of flavour from start to finish. Leather and spice are strongly in evidence here, as are coffee and a wonderfully earthy bite. The smoke is dark blue and thick, delivering the finest of aroma. Construction is impeccable, delivering a cigar of great weight and substance. Value for money is, frankly, beyond belief. If you love a fuller, yet amazingly smooth, flavour with real panache, this is the cigar for you. Undoubtedly my cigar of choice henceforth on all but the most special of occasions, when the Siglo V will still make a rare appearance.
DJT in Kabul, Afghanistan May 2, 2010
"Nice, but strong."
This cigar smokes very well, has a nice burn, good construction, smells and taste really good. To me this is an after dinner cigar because it's so strong. I smoked one after a light lunch and it gave me a headache, that didn't stop me from finishing it though.
John III in Ohio April 3, 2010
"A great cigar!"
I was nicely surprised by the complex sophistication of this cigar. A really rich smoke without being too strong. Excellent smoke well worth the money.
Phil in Washington, DC February 24, 2010
""The greatest""
The Black Label is a "primo" blend. It is truly my favorite cigar. I have been smoking them since they came on the market. I recently came across some of the Clasicos' and the Bravo that had been aged for a while. The cellophane on the cigars had turned yellow which is a sign of some age. I can't tell you guys how much I enjoyed these smokes.
James in Chicago October 15, 2009
"What else can I add..."
This is flat out the finest cigar I've had to date. I hate smoking 'em because I don't want the box to end. It's true, it is an aggresive looking stick. It's big. It's black. But it's so smooth. Absolutely no burn issues. It's not harsh. There's so many mellow taste within this thing that I feel like one of those 'gar divas summing it up. Try it! You won't regret this purchase.
Charlie H. in Bumpass, VA July 6, 2009
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10 Construction (90) 100
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