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Partagas Black Label Gigante Reviews [view details]

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"One of my newest favorites."
This is a very great smoke. I'm not usually a big fan of larger ring gauges, but this is my most prominent exception. Its oscuro wrapper has some very great flavors to offer. Try some; they won't disappoint.
Jacob in Illinois April 27, 2013
"More doesn't necessarily mean better"
I am a big Black Label fan. I am also a large (sized) cigar fan. However, this sized Black Label just seems to be missing something from its smaller counterparts. I find the 60 ring gauged Blacks like this to be alittle tighter rolled than the 50 or 52's. The results, for me, is less smoke, and alittle too lean of a flavor. It's an hour and a half to two hour smoke, but it doesnt really open up until about the last 30 minutes. It still has the high nicotine-wobbly leg-not for the faint finish, but all other size BL's have a more creamy, robust flavor to me (except the tinned minis, those have no flavor to me). I'm going to let the rest of my 5 pack rest for another 6 months or a year and revisit this size. It still looks great, burns even, if slow, and smells great, but its just missing a certain something...
Greg in Georgia February 20, 2013
Not a rookie smoke, this thing packs a punch, but in a good way! Tons of flavor, gigante burns beautifully, awesome aroma. And at these prices, you are getting a real gem.
MM in Chicago May 18, 2012
"wooo !! strong...but good"
" a man must know his limitations " bought in the three pack sampler its been a while sence i smoked a partagas, and i grabed the black label first....little too strong these days for me, but nice aroma, well built and great looking gar, talk about a slow burn...man you need two days to smoke this thing..but hey, great cigar for someone who likes em strong
russell in brigantine,nj January 27, 2012
"Good start, disapointing end"
Maybe the next one wont come apart while smoking.
jim in idaho October 1, 2011
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