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Partagas Black Label Magnifico Reviews [view details]

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"Very Good"
A very good cigar. A very strong cigar. It burns evenly through out.
William in Yorba Linda April 2, 2010
The owner of my local smoke shop REALY recommended I buy this smoke. I had high expectations but they soon fell short. Inspection was very nice with minimal veins, just enough to keep it from being perfect. The smell was awesome and once I punched the tip, it went down hill from there. The draw was extremely loose, only to find out that there was a stem poking through the wrap right by the band which was undetected on initial inspection. I tried to slip the band over the hole but it only helped a little bit. Every puff had to be done it 3's to get a god amount of smoke. Once I got it, the aroma was nice and a bit spicy. All of this I could contribute to "just getting a bad stick". Can't blame the whole line right?, well I can when the burn was so bad that it was a constant battle of touch-ups from start to finish and the ash, although strong at the core, flowered constantly just enough to flake small ash all over my lap. Sorry guys, I know this smoke got a great rating, but it was just too much of a hassle for me when compared to smoke of equal size and price. I won't be trying this one again.
MARK Z in CARY, IL March 9, 2010
"Enjoyable Smoke"
The Partagas Black Label Magnifico is one of those cigars you enjoy the moment you pick it up. It's heft and solid construction feel great in the hand. The dark wrapper looks great and has "power" written all over it. But when you smoke this cigar, you find it is a power you can manage. This cigar draws well, burns perfectly, and holds a beautiful white ash. The smoke is full-bodied, has a consistant taste from beginning to end, and a clean, slighly sweet finish. There's nothing bold about the Magnifico: Instead there is a quiet strength, one you can truly relax with, and remind yourself why you starting smoking cigars in the first place.
David in North Carolina November 17, 2009
"Not worth your time!"
These are nothing like the description. Simply a waste of money they are rapped to tight, don't draw at all and because of this they hardly give off any taste.
Luke in Longomont August 22, 2009
"My Favorite Smoke"
This is, without question, my favorite stogie. I don't leave the house without these. If I slip up and do, I will turn around to go get them.
Willis in Louisiana July 24, 2009
This is a daunting looking cigar! It?s so dark, it looks like the coke would take the paint off the walls! Don?t be afraid! It?s surprisingly smooth and the draw was perfect (5-pack). It started off medium, REALLY kicked in half way through and then finished smooth ? not overly spicy as other full bodied cigars can be. Worthy of the Partagas name! Great cigar for the price!
David in Ft. Lauderdale, FL June 21, 2009
"Stellar !!"
What a Cigar! Beautifully constructed with a soft, very dark, silky wrapper. Just feeling this one give between my fingers and smelling the wonderful aroma of the dark, natural leaf before I lit this one up was an experience. Almost as bold as a Maduro but better behaved and with a fuller taste. As smoooooth as the day is long. Clouds of thick, white smoke from this one. You owe yourself some of these!
Steve in Sunrise, Florida May 14, 2009
"A little bit of Cigar heaven"
I love this cigar !!!!!!!! Spicy flavor, spicy aroma, WOW
PZ in Chicago March 16, 2009
"Fantastic smoke"
One of the best tasting cigars I've ever had. You can't go wrong with this one if you like them full of flavor.
Dean in Buffalo NY February 22, 2009
"Strong, but good"
This cigar was awesome, the draw was perfect, the burn was even, and the taste had notes of coffee and chocolate the whole way through.....great cigar to have in the humidor. However this cigar will knock you out, very strong!
Steve in Michigan August 21, 2008
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