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Partagas Black Label Magnifico Reviews [view details]

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Received thru a 5 pack frenzy and these were not typical of those delicious sticks found in a box. These were impossible to draw and keep lit and I let it set outside the humidor for two weeks. Obviously this batch was not properly seasoned.
Steve in Bossier City, Louisiana June 2, 2008
"Mixed opinion"
Beautiful cigar but it was rolled too tightly. I was so distracted by the tight draw that it was difficult to concentrate on the actual quality of the smoke. Maybe I'll have better luck with the next one.
John in Oklahoma City April 24, 2008
"Good Cigar"
I purchased a box of these a few months ago and finally got around to giving the first one a try. It burned perfectly and had a wonderful aroma. I would say that it was medium bodied, but full flavor with no harshness. This was not a complex smoke; the flavor was the same from start to finish, but it was an enjoyable flavor. Rich and slightly sweet. The price makes this an absolute bargain.
Brian in Kentucky March 28, 2008
"A truly long lasting and enjoyable smoke"
To those of you who are looking for a spirit to pair this great cigar with my favorite and my suggestion to you is Knob Creek small batch bourbon
James in Chicago, IL October 16, 2007
Just tried my first Partagas Balck Magnifico and all I can say is WOW!!! What a cigar. This is my new regular smoke. These blow the doors off of sticks costing twice as much. I agree with the rest here. From start to finish you'd be hard pressed to find a better smoke period. The price is a bonus.
Tim in Chicago July 24, 2007
"Exceptional Smoke"
Being a maduro fan i've tried many a cigar until i tried this one. Partagas Black Label Magnificos are just about the only cigar I now smoke. An excellent maduro. Unbelievably smooth for a dark wrapper. Burn is slow, and even. They draw well, and hold a good ash. Goes well with coffee in the morning and a nice scotch in the evening. Best bang for the buck.
John S. in Sag Harbor, N.Y. January 26, 2007
"The reason why I smoke."
As stated above this is the reason why I smoke. I am at the young age of 18 (soon to be 19) but I have definitely have had my fair share of Smokes (and what a joy it has been) but I must say The Partagas Black label Magnifico Is why I smoke. A cigar like many things can define your personality. I was lucky enough to find this beauty my first week after turning 18. I’ve had boxes and boxes of its robust taste since. Smooth draw Lots of smoke white ash and the oh so delicious cocoa coffee taste. Try at least one you wont regret it.
Patrick Bateman in Minnesota December 27, 2006
"I love this one"
This beauty is one of my favorites. I always keep a few one hand. Very rich and bold. A fine looking cigar from it's oily black wrapper to it's outstanding constuction. It could have a better burn, tends to burn unevenly.
Russell in Memphis, Tennessee October 20, 2006
"The best you can buy in this price range!"
Wow, what a cigar. From the almost black wrapper to the huge ring size, these babies look exactly how they taste. The flavor of this cigar is unmistakable, and is one you won't forget. If you like full bodied, potent sticks, you'd be hard pressed to find a better smoke. Get a cup of coffe or a heavy beer, and give yourself at least an hour to experience the spicey flavors of the best buy in the entire cigar market.
Vince M in Altoona, PA March 11, 2006
"Where to begin, what a cigar!"
I ran out of cigars late one evening and took the 30 minute drive to my local Tinder Box where I bought a few cigars while waiting for my shipment of Hoyo Dark Sumatras from Famous. One was a Partagas Black Lable Magnifico. The cigar is a delight, to look at and to smoke. A cigar for experienced folks, from the first moment to last, a very powerful and complex experience, good to taste even before lighting it. Try it with a little Spanish Absinth for a completely consciousness expanding event.
Steve Tortorici in Florida July 20, 2005
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