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"Best Maduro Smoke"
I have tried many maduro handmade cigars that were weak and poorly constructed until I found the Partagas Black Label. I have been enjoying the Partagas Black Label Magnifico for years. When I read the negative reviews spouting poor draw, short ash, one note flavor , and cigars that go out ; I question what they were smoking before they finally tried a Partagas. I love the full flavor and I really enjoy the length of time I have to enjoy this cigar due to its long burn. You need to try these cigars. You will not be sorry!
Earth Scientist in Washington State December 28, 2013
"This was once a fine smoke"
I have basically been a daily cigar smoker for about the last 35 years. This cigar was once a staple in my humidor. It was my go-to smoke about five years ago, but the quality of the roll began to fall off around 2009. It became too tight of a draw and the burn was consitantly uneven. Each stick became difficult to complete without relighting and an occasional stem would protrude through the wrapper. I put them down until trying another in 2011 and another in 2012. It was just more of the same. What a shame because this was once one of the finest cigars available at this price point. I sincerely hope that these cigars will once again be in my humidor.
Pappy in East Texas January 15, 2013
"Let them breathe"
With any Partagas Black when removed frm the wrapper or tube you will likely feel they are hard to the touch, let them breathe for a few weeks at least in your humidor until you notice they are softer. The draw will be looser and they will burn better. They are worth the wait as they are one of the most flavorful for the price.
in August 23, 2012
"I cradled it while in died in my hands."
While I have had some great cigars and have a sense of what a good smoking experience should be, I am in no way one of these jargon-happy aficionados. I just like a good smoke from time to time. Ok, so my stand-by is a Sancho Panza double maduro alicante. Wanting to deviate from my routine, I picked up a Partagas Magnifico. As the price was double my usual cigar, and because the salesperson hyped it a bit, I had fairly high expectations. It lit well enough (soft flame), burned well enough, but I found the flavor a bit one-dimensional. I decided not to be critical until I finished it, after all, maybe the second half would take me to a new and completely different place. Not so much. After a slow, somewhat tedious (read: golf ball through a straw), and relatively flat smoke... it died. Just died. I was in mid smoke and suddenly I realized I was pulling on cooling ash. Then a slight crack up the side. I actually tried to relight it, which tasted terrible, ruined my whole experience, and I ended up throwing basically half a cigar (5-6" maybe) away. On my porch, with my dogs, iced black Americano in front of me, sun shining, nothing to do but enjoy this thing... and it died. Very disappointing.
Dennola4 in New Orleans June 1, 2012
"Good cigar with flavorful range"
From the start to the finish this cigar has a range of flavors. Nutty, with hints of chocolate. I have tried other Maduro wrapped cigars, but this has to be the best buy around. I will definitely order another box. They are tightly wrapped, but I didn?t have any problems smoking them. If you are looking for a quick smoke this is not for you. If you want a good cigar to savor with some single malt then give this one a try. The construction is very good and the ash stays in place.
Jeff in Virginia March 15, 2011
It's pointless to make a cigar you can't draw smoke from!!! I'm shocked they haven't found a decent roller...get with the program Partagas!
Zulu in Los Angeles January 15, 2011
"Forget these!"
Impossible to draw these! Had to cut in half to even smoke these. Had one good cigar in 20 that was good draw.
Brian in Montana November 12, 2010
"Great medium cigar all the way to the band."
The draw was very good and the taste and quality have been consistently great. construction was very good as well.
Steve Lester in nc November 5, 2010
"Pass on this cigar"
These cigars are impossible to draw off.
in November 3, 2010
By far, my favorite full flavored smoke!
Mouse in Scottsdale October 13, 2010
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10 Construction (92) 100
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