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Partagas Black Label Maximo Reviews [view details]

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"Favorite cigar!"
This is one of the most flavorful cigar I ve ever smoked. I always buy these as it is a consistent quality
Thaddeus in Chicago July 19, 2014
smoked one for the first time last night and i must say, it was by far the best smoke i have had so far. period! creamy smooth thick smoke, not harsh in a the slightest, yet strong and full flavored! must try...
kirby in pa November 9, 2012
"A smooth creme bold taste! I tip my hat!"
I went to my local "cigarologist" looking for a box of Carlos Torano Signature series and they were out. The sales person directed me over to the Maximo tubos and the rest is history! I had one that night and was blown away. A VERY different smell of creme and hints of spice with a bold taste. Top Notch!
Lester Bingaman in Germany February 25, 2009
"Great cigar for the money equal to a Cohiba"
I finally found a cigar that's equals a Cohiba Black an it's affordable as an everyday smoke. Darn good cigar.
J Moter in Chesterfield, Va January 28, 2009
"Better than ever"
I stopped buying these sticks a couple years ago. I was getting too many plugs and horrible burns. I have bought two boxes in the last four months and looks like General has upped the quality control. Only one tight draw and a couple bad burners. The flavor is still exquisite.
Clinton in Jacksonville, Fl January 8, 2009
"Great Cigar- "but""
This particular Partagas Black was my first and my down right favorite until about 4 months ago I started getting Maximo's that were very hard to draw. I became disenchanted with this size and went to the Classico for after work and the Bravo during the day when I only have about 45 minutes. Bottom Line Partagas Black, best smoke ever
James in Chicago October 1, 2008
A strong bold cigar - rich flavor but still very smooth - not for beginners --- Worth Trying
Roy in San Juan - Tx April 19, 2008
"Funky taste & smell"
I'm a fan of Partagas in general, but I didn't really like this style. The taste and smell reminded me of sweaty b.o., as if the roller hadn't washed up before work. I finished most of it, but won't buy it again.
Steve in NC April 1, 2008
"One of the Best Cigars Ever"
This slow smoking cigar is one of the best I have ever smoked. I always keep a box of these in my humidor. All of Partagas Black products are good and these are one of the best.
Terrence in Texas March 5, 2008
"What a find!"
I've smoked Arturo Fuente Chateau's for years but because of availablity I searched for an alternate brand. The cedar lined tube keeps them moist and flavorable. It's peppery and oily. What a great smoke.
Dennis in Mechanicsville, VA January 21, 2008
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