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Partagas Black Label Piramide Reviews [view details]

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"Excellent Cigar, But Very Tight Draw."
This cigar is one I keep coming back to. The appearance, taste, and construction are excellent. The burn and especially the draw, however, are poor. Canoeing is a problem and requires constant touching up. The draw is very very tight - almost to the point of un-smokeable. Running a poker through the cigar helps loosen up the draw, but often leads to splitting the wrapper and worsens the canoeing problem.
Tom T. in Minnesota December 15, 2014
"One of the best strong sticks you'll find"
One of the best strong sticks you'll find. This cigar is mellow with a kick in the last third portion. I call it this sweet spot. I love hitting the sweet spot on the Partagas.
Rosa Delmario in Dallas Texas June 7, 2012
For the price these are a bargin! I love the rich oily wrapper - and the longer you let it age the smoother it is. I love to smoke the ones I have 2 - 3 years after I purchase them on a hot humid day - you get blue smoke from the wrapper!!
Scott A Ferguson in USA February 25, 2011
"A Favorite"
They need time in the Humidor, then are best
Stan in Tucson, AZ February 20, 2010
"Full of Flavor - Very Good Cigar"
If you really like madurosm this is one not to be missed. It is reasonably priced, well constructed and even looks great with a shiney, almost black wrapper. It's loaded with flavor with hints of chocolate and leather. I'm surprised it doesn't have a 90 rating.
JIm in Chicago February 11, 2010
"great cigar"
Sometimes I wonder about these people who give review and don't even know what the hell their smoking. Mike from Calif. called the wrapper the best Maduro he ever smoked.???????? What the hell are you smoking. Dark Natural dummy. Sorry, I couldn't resist
rodge in McGarvey June 6, 2008
"Hooked for Two Years"
I've been consistently smoking these for over two years, but be forewarned--a) about two of every box have a terrible draw (tight/plug), and you can only cut so far; b) about two of every box seem to have a tunnel/uneven burn. However, I simply love the taste and aroma and have been willing to accept few bad sticks in each box. The other reviews do a good job describing the taste. Enjoy!
Erich in El Paso, TX March 16, 2008
"Full flavor, sweet smoke, and a new favorite!"
This cigar was introduced to me by a friend who owned a local cigar shop and it was highly recommended. Taking his recommendation seriously, I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this cigar. It took me a while to realize that the pleasant sweetness in the air was not a perfume of a lovely lady but the smoke from my cigar. You will enjoy it and others around you will comment you on your great taste in cigars.
Norm in Memphis March 11, 2008
"Great Full Bodied Smoke!"
I have been smoking this cigar for about 10 years. It has a hint of black pepper, very spicy and full-bodied. Great with bourbon, or just outside tailgating. Would recommend to anyone wanting a different full body smoke.
Steve in Barrister Cigars of Union, NJ December 26, 2007
"Excellent Cigar"
You Said: "Will not buy again Smoke 10 of them - was happy with none. Lousy aroma, taste and draw. Don't know what the fuss is about these cigars." This review was written by Sam Israeli of Las Vegas on July 2, 2004 Why did you smoke 10 of them if they were lousy? I found these cigars to be top notch myself...
CamachoMan in PA. October 24, 2007
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10 Consistency (88) 100
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10 Draw (84) 100
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10 Appearance (95) 100
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10 Taste (95) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (92) 100
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