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Partagas Reviews

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Partagas Almirantes
"A Personal Favorite"
These cigars have been a personal favorite of mine for years. The price is right, they're always consistent, and most importantly they have a one-of-a-kind smooth, nutty flavor. These are the ideal go-to cigar.
Tim H in Pittsburgh, PA February 8, 2013
Partagas #10
"My Go-to for Years"
These cigars are always consistent, always delicious, and have been my go-to for years. Try one and you'll never go back to another cammie.
TimH in Pittsburgh, PA February 8, 2013
Partagas Robusto
"Great cigar."
Very good construction, smooth %26 creamy taste, very good burn & draw. Medium strength but not harsh. A great enjoyable cigar.
Jim in S. Carolina January 26, 2013
Partagas #2
"just the best"
I,ve personally experienced many different brands.The Partagas #2 Is the smoothest there is,hands down!
Ronnie in AR November 19, 2012
Partagas #10
Awful, awful draw. Killed the whole cigar, only bot 5 but on a box I would have looked to send them back. So tight at the end it was terrible, almost unsmokable on 3 of the 5 pack. Maybe a box was better but these were awful.
bob in nj August 13, 2012
Partagas #4
"Did I get a bad box?"
I've smoked these before and was pleased. This recent box is terrible. Wrappers have cracks and holes. I just threw one away with impossible draw.
Militarytaja in New Haven, CT July 4, 2012
Partagas #2
"Fantastically smooth, never disappointed..."
Would rate higher than they are averaging...I buy these at a local cigar store and have never had a bad one, not that I am sure they don't occur they do with every stick. For the little bit extra cost compared to some name brands normal lines these Classicos are great. Smooth as can be with a mild to medium body.
Jack in MS May 1, 2012
Partagas Gigante
"I'LL pass on this partagas"
i dont know, I bought it in the 3 pack sampler, the black was good, strong but still a good cigar. but this one was DRY with a weak taste, and aroma. the construction was a little shabby...hey maybe i got a bad one. All in all i think i will be saying farwell to partagas, there are a number of better cigars out there in this price range....oh well
russell in brigantine,nj April 26, 2012
Partagas Miniatures (8)
"Didn't like"
Harsh. Poor draw. Not worth it.
nedpwolf in vegas December 5, 2011
Partagas Puritos (10)
"My cigar for decades"
First, I've been smoking Partagas Puritos for almost 30 years. At Budweiser, (retired now), the plant mgr received a gift box of 25 #1's (std ring/length ), from a vendor (circa early 80's.) He didn't smoke so they made their way down to me. Well; up to that point, I thought I knew what a good cigar was. I fell over when i smoked my first Partagas. I love the #1's; the Sabrosos, and I regularly buy/smoke the Puritos. You will get an occasional tough smoke in the 100 pack but that's to be expected because they are machined rolled. Doesn't matter, these ARE the cigars. You can reflight one of these little Puritos 5 times or so and it's better each time. Thx. Bob
Bob R in High Desert, CA December 2, 2011
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