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Partagas Reviews

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Partagas #10
"Love these"
I really enjoy the Partagas line and I love this particular cigar. I always make sure to have at least one resting in the humidor.
Neil in USA August 29, 2011
Partagas Puritos (10)
I've smoked Partagas Puritos for years and have enjoyed them. The quality over the past 6 months has dropped to a point where I have stopped purchasing them. Main problem is construction. All I get is air with 80 percent of the order. Horrible construction! Don't waste your time with this one,
Doug August 16, 2011
Partagas Robusto
"Very nice with the Cameroon wrapper"
Had the first of two from the 6-pack Cameroon sampler. Very enjoyable smoke, short and smooth. Coffee on the draw and long dark chocolate finish, creamy thoughout.
Occasional smoker in Southern California July 22, 2011
Partagas Robusto
"Nice smoke"
This one burned very well, good draw, and had very good taste. Somewhat spicy, but not to bad. I would definitely purchase again.
Jeff S. in South Bend, IN July 20, 2011
Partagas #2
"A very aromatic & nutty smoke."
A wonderful and fragrant smoke! Burns well and has a rich smoke that shows spice in the beginning then mellows out to rich earth.
Jeff S. in South Bend, IN July 20, 2011 in MoVal, Ca April 21, 2011
Partagas #4
"All time favorite petite corona!"
Awesome smoke! Very aromatic and rich for a smaller cigar. Love having it along with a good cup of coffee!
Jeff S. in South Bend, IN July 20, 2011 in MoVal, Ca April 21, 2011 April 9, 2011
Partagas #2
"Great smoke!!!"
A very aromatic and nutty smoke giving off splashes of cedar and earth.
Jeff S. in South Bend, IN July 20, 2011 in MoVal, Ca April 21, 2011 April 9, 2011 April 9, 2011
Partagas Gigante
"Best Smoke for Full Body Lovers"
Highes marks on this one. I have smoked about 100 of these and have never had a bad experience.
Michael in Dallas TX March 28, 2011
Partagas Almirantes
Outstanding in every way. Even burn, smooth draw, slightly spicy flavor. Best I've tried, outside of MAYBE the A. Fuente 1916 Hemingway.Will try more.
Ted in New Jersey March 22, 2011
Partagas #10
"Can't even draw"
Pass on this - all of these smokes in the 5 pack was packed so tight, my eyeballs wanted to pop out from the strain of getting ONE puff
Dean in Hawaii February 24, 2011
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