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Partagas Limited Reserve 1996 Reviews

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Partagas Limited Reserve 1999 No. 2
"Wonderful smooth mild taste."
If you have never tried any Partagas cigars before, you need to try this one. It has a wonderful smooth mild taste, with a terrific aroma. Razor sharp burn, and the ash will hold on for about three inches. This cigar is perfect if you are looking for a creamy taste. The taste changes around the 2/3rds mark to have some cinnamon notes.
Mad Hawaiian May 26, 2014
Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas #4
This cigar was simply great. Excellent burn, with a great medium to full taste. Strong nicotine taste during the 2/3 of the cigar, but this tapers off into the last third of cigar. This has a great, easy, yet firm taste that stays steady through to the end. It is expensive, but I would smoke it again, for sure!
O.D. O in PA November 29, 2009
Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas #1
"Underwhelming and Overpriced"
I'm a fan of the NC regular Partagas #10, various Serie S, as well as the Spanish Rosado cigars. I was anxious to try the Decadas to see what all the hype was about -- Decadas are quite pricy, but I won a 5-pack at a Famous Auction that were about $10 a stick -- well under the "normal" retail price. In my opinion, these Decadas -- all dressed up in their fancy bands and tubes and little tags but aren't really anything special -- not nearly as good as the other Partagas cigars I've mentioned and about 2-3 times the price. The Decadas are a very mild, non-complex, very expensive, very disappointing one trick pony.
ROTHNH in Midcoast Maine February 20, 2009
Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas #1
"Very good Cigar"
The best, the very best. Very hard to find.
CgarSmoker in Reno March 25, 2007
Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas #3
"Very good Cigar - BUTT"
I only wish that Famous would sell these outright at the prices they are going for in the auctions!! At $200 - $225 they are a good buy but when they tried to sell them at over $300 a box they were way over priced!
CgarSmoker in Reno, NV August 8, 2006
Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas #4
This is one of the best,if not the top cigar I have tasted in the last 5 years. Impeccable burn, draw,and taste with an incredible finish. I would even place this equal to, if not better than the Partagas 150. The taste was good at the 2 hour mark, and how many cigars tase that good that long?
Tony Imbronone in CA April 21, 2006
Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas #1
It has come to my attention that the Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas is not a house brand of Famous, and for that I apologize to Famous and the readers. But I still state that the new Decadas are the same Partagas Limited Reserves only with a new style packaging (But still a great cigar) and do not demand the higher price. I do complement Famous to have allowed my comments without out right censorship. That fact of no censorship is a lot more than what other Cigar sites would have done. That is why I come back to Famous for my cigars and recommend them to others.
CgarSmoker in Reno, NV February 7, 2006
Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas #2
"In Disagreement"
Although I have read a long disertation about how excellent are these Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas, it is a shame that the reviewer didn't mention the previous Partagas Limited Reserves sans Decadas. These are the same cigar! These cigars were selling around $210.00 a box, NOT an inexpensive cigar by no means. But to put a metal medallion on the box and package in glass tubes does not make the cigar worth and extra $150 a box. This is where Partagas (and Famous) is trying to make too big of a buck. Please note that none of the other major internet retailers are carrying the Decadas line. Did Famous make a deal for these Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas to be the sole seller? AGAIN, these are some of the finest cigars that you can buy, NO ARGUMENT. As a long time smoker of the Partagas Limited Reserve in my view both Partagas and Famous have vastly over priced this cigar. The CgarSmoker PS: Davidoff is my other brand, and at the same price as the Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas it is a better buy.
CgarSmoker in Reno February 6, 2006
Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas #1
"partagas decadas 1-4"
...Cigars, like the tastings of fine named wines and bourbon's alike, depends on the individuals personal taste....As such not all will agree what is worth the price or not....Price always seems to be one of the more important views one gives upon tasting the finer things in one's life...Opus X, Davidoff,Diamond Crown,Padron,Zino or Woodford Reserve,Bookers bourbons and so on....very pricey, yet one continues to buy them, despite the price. One cannot fairly compare these to one another, when tasting and knowing what makes up the content, as they are all different...you may like it, but there are better ones for less...then again, you may not like it, and say I wasted 15-20 bucks on it..and won't buy it again, it is just a personal taste......But, like the above aformentioned cigars, Partagas Decadas is a very fine cigar, and like the others, are very limited, considering the 10 yr. cameroon wrapper...Like most cigars,wines,bourbons,.. time ages these so called finer things, and allows the body to blend...So, even tho this is another, so called over priced cigar and there are better,less expensive cigars out there for the dollar,as one continues to state, lets not forget these are very limited,rare cigars...and as such will only go up in price as the supply goes down.......I have met many people that don't like Opus, too strong...or Davidoff's...or Partagas 150's...some don't like any Cuban's, the so called best cigars ever rolled....Some would think that they don't know what they are talking about, or that they don't know about cigars...but again, each to there own....These are Limited, and very worth the price....give them some time, like anything else......Even the best of the best cigars, and the ones you all buy that are top notched, well, we occasionally get one that is green, bitter,strong, tight draw, too veiny,loose rolled or whatever ...does that stop you from buying them again...nope...we justify it as a fluke..So each to their own, but again, I suggest, enjoy them with age while you can...Yes, the window dressing of the glass tubes,tag and custom humidor quality box adds to the price...but Partagas Decadas and its rarity of the wrapper was done justice with the window dressing....Excellent cigar, and one you probably will regret in time, and wish you still had a box or two left to enjoy for that special occassion....I have been enjoying cigars for 30yrs..and have tried far more than you can imagine pricey cigars, some I liked and some I didn't, but I did not consider the price tag to try them, nor did I feel I wasted my money...To find out what one likes or doesn't, we spend the bucks...do I have some of these 40-100+ $ stogs?..you bet..why?...taste for one...rarity, tops the list..enjoy the finer things give it time, it may be all that is needed to think again...There are many reason why Cigars are expensive, Limited, Rarity, and a Name are but a few to mention when we buy them and pay 10-30 dollars/stick....So,To enjoy the rarities in life, is to hang onto them...
the kid in tucson February 2, 2006
Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas #4
"dont buy the limited reserve"
I bought a box of these cigars they look great but they are not worth the money a very average cigar.dont get caught up in the hype of these cigars I have been smoking cigars for over 15 years. The partagas churchill is as good or splurge on a Davidoff cigar if you want to the finest quality
chad schneiders February 1, 2006
La Floridita Fuerte
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