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Partagas #2 Reviews [view details]

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"just the best"
I,ve personally experienced many different brands.The Partagas #2 Is the smoothest there is,hands down!
Ronnie in AR November 19, 2012
"Fantastically smooth, never disappointed..."
Would rate higher than they are averaging...I buy these at a local cigar store and have never had a bad one, not that I am sure they don't occur they do with every stick. For the little bit extra cost compared to some name brands normal lines these Classicos are great. Smooth as can be with a mild to medium body.
Jack in MS May 1, 2012
"A very aromatic & nutty smoke."
A wonderful and fragrant smoke! Burns well and has a rich smoke that shows spice in the beginning then mellows out to rich earth.
in MoVal, Ca April 21, 2011
"Great smoke!!!"
A very aromatic and nutty smoke giving off splashes of cedar and earth.
in April 9, 2011
"((( CUBAN ?? )))"
The Partagas # 2 sports a light brown, somewhat blotchy colored wrapper, with an olive colored hue. This corona is well constructed, although the draw is somewhat tight. The cigar easily supports a one inch, clean white ash. The first third of the burn is mild, with notes of leather smacking the pallet, and hints of wood brushing the inside of the nose. The second third of the burn, increases to full in strength, with aromas of leather and black pepper in the nose. On the last third of the burn, aromas of wood, leather, and sweet tobacco, bombard the pallet and nose, to finish this very complex cigar. Approximate burn time for this Partagas, is 85 minutes. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this cigar 9.5
Robb in Michigan June 25, 2010
"On Par with Cuban Partagas"
I had the good fortune to have smoked many Cuban Cigars while I was working in the Middle East. Partagas was one of my favorites so I know it well. The Dominican Partagas #2 I just got from Famous is every bit as good as the Cuban version. Mild, aromatic, draws well, doesn't burn hot. A definite 9 on a scale of ten!
Norm Chung in San Francisco June 20, 2003
Consistant. Straight-forward. What you usually expect from a Partagas. A very good cigar.
Dr. Turd in Shoreline,CT May 17, 2002
"Cigar has not been consistent in taste and color"
The last few boxes have not been consistent in color or taste. When the ash is white it tastes good, when dark it is rough tasting.
greg in new jersey April 19, 2001
"A personal favorite!!"
Very well constructed cigar..Dry cedar smoke with a lasting finish. This is what a cigar is supposed to be.
Sesler in Alexandria July 16, 1999
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