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Partagas Puritos (10) Reviews [view details]

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"Bad Construction"
If you like breathing air this is your cigar.
D. G. in December 6, 2014
"Poor construction"
Smoked about five of these. The flavors that come through are good but I have not gotten a single decent pull of smoke so far! Could only image how much better this little cigar could be.
Gabe T in San Diego May 22, 2013
"Bad Puritos"
Consistancy is the problem. Smoking air has become the norm. Out of my last shipment of 2 10packs I've discarded half.
DG in CA February 17, 2013
"My cigar for decades"
First, I've been smoking Partagas Puritos for almost 30 years. At Budweiser, (retired now), the plant mgr received a gift box of 25 #1's (std ring/length ), from a vendor (circa early 80's.) He didn't smoke so they made their way down to me. Well; up to that point, I thought I knew what a good cigar was. I fell over when i smoked my first Partagas. I love the #1's; the Sabrosos, and I regularly buy/smoke the Puritos. You will get an occasional tough smoke in the 100 pack but that's to be expected because they are machined rolled. Doesn't matter, these ARE the cigars. You can reflight one of these little Puritos 5 times or so and it's better each time. Thx. Bob
Bob R in High Desert, CA December 2, 2011
I've smoked Partagas Puritos for years and have enjoyed them. The quality over the past 6 months has dropped to a point where I have stopped purchasing them. Main problem is construction. All I get is air with 80 percent of the order. Horrible construction! Don't waste your time with this one,
Doug in August 16, 2011
"Good Re-lite"
I went through a 100 pack and enjoyed them all. Not bad re-lit either.
Dave in LA, CA January 21, 2011
I like the cigar, nice taste and constructed good.
Steve in In the Keys September 1, 2010
"good little smoke, if it stays together long enoug"
When the wrapper isn't torn or punctured, it's a nice little smoke. Unfortunately, about 1/3rd of time, you end up sucking mostly air.
Web Guy in Bainbridge Island April 15, 2010
Very nice cigarillos. They burned slower than I thought a cigarillo would burn, but then again I'm new to cigarillos. They usually last me about 20 minutes give or take. I'm not a big spice fan and there is a little at the end, but its more bearable then some other spiced tobaccos that I have tried. The burn is even and the draw is good.
Mike in Wilmington, DE December 3, 2007
"A great morning smoke"
I really like this smoke with my coffee in the AM. Its is also good when I do not have alot of time. Its a small but powerful smoke, lots of flavor and also good on those occasions when you want to smoke more than one in a night!
Rob in Granite Bay, CA September 19, 2007
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10 Consistency (84) 100
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10 Draw (86) 100
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10 Appearance (82) 100
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10 Taste (94) 100
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10 Construction (81) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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