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Paul Stulac Classic Blend Reviews

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Paul Stulac Classic Lord
" nice..."
I m working my way through the Stulac line and keep discouvering something nice every time. I was in his shop and got a hold of the Lord . Well constructed and well burning stick. The flavour stayed the same to the nub - a pleasant earthy taste - I had two.
Joe in Canada May 15, 2014
Paul Stulac Classic Angel
"Solid, light smoke"
Good quality smoke, definitely on the lighter side. Construction is good, but not as dense as I prefer. They seem a hint narrow for a 58. Because of the low density, they are a quick burn. Flavor was mild, oakey. Good smoke and very nice aromas. Excellent pairs with a stout.
BobinBaltimore in Baltimore, MD December 8, 2013
Paul Stulac Fantasma (Ghost)
"...finally, it s arrived..."
Wow - a new cigar and cigars that are truly new in all respects. I ve been enjoying these for a few years in Canada where they were first presented at Paul s shop. The construction is excellent, the pre-light draw nice, flavour from beginning to end - constant - hints of dark chocolate and spice.
Joe from Ottawa November 10, 2013
Iron Horse
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!