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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Reviews

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Perdomo 10th Champagne Torpedo
"Smooth and Medium Bodied"
Smooth smoke, even burn. Pulled consistently with a cool/medium flavor. Torpedo is a great size here, 1.5 hr burn
Jim in Annapolis, MD November 12, 2014
Perdomo 10th Champagne Epicure
"Fantastic, smooth %26 tasteful"
The Epicure s masterpiece! I have tasted many quality mild to medium cigars, but this unique Perdomo Reserve Champagne, I would not replace with anything else. This cigar has been one of my favorites from 2009.
Payman in Copenhagen October 2, 2014
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Puritos (5)
"Great Mild Cigar That Always Gets Compliments"
This small cigar is a big performer. Always gets nice feedback from friends when I share. They love the mild flavor and the fact that it stays cool all the way down to the last pinch. Seen many a wrapper peeled off and placed in the pocket for later reference. Nice size for front pocket while riding the horses.
Brent in Colorado September 10, 2014
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Figurado
"Great Cigar w/ Some Wrapper Issues"
I really love this cigar, a great, high quality smoke at a fair price; however, as the title says, I have had problems with the wrappers cracking on more than 1 cigar. They could simply be a high maintenance cigar. So you may need to plan on an extended stay in your humi to get the best result.
Mez8 in NJ May 7, 2014
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Magnum Tubo
"Good but a bit inconsistant"
Enjoyable but can be dry and an uneven burn. Some are smooth but can be a stem in the wrapper
Mez8 in NJ May 7, 2014 April 3, 2014
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Figurado
"Silky Smooth on a Razor's Edge"
Dark-roast coffee, cacao, mild spicy chives, fresh alpine grass, wildflowers, slight stone-fruit sweetness; mild occasional notes of fresh hay, barnyard, toast, anise/licorice, musty dry-attic air. Highs: beautiful wrapper; classy, superb shape and construction; perfect draw; consistent, rewarding, complex flavor profile. Lows: insufficient care yields unbalanced heat/bitterness; lacks body and intensity in home-stretch. Complimentary pairings: cognac, non-port/sherry dessert and white wines, black or herbal/rooibos tea, bright/acidic light-to-medium roast coffee. Contrasting pairings: Highland single-malts, rum, hazelnut liqueur splash in vodka, dark-roasted coffee. Conclusion: smooth, delicate, multifaceted flavor rewards the patient and attentive but quickly penalizes a nervous and distracted smoker with surging one-dimensional bitterness. Some may wish for a slightly fuller-bodied cigar.
Tom in L.A. March 23, 2014
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Churchill
this is by far my favorite cigar. great consistency, smooth draw, and flavor that will make you crave more. i only found one down side to this cigar. i want to buy more. but lucky for me they sell at a decent price.
jordan in miami February 20, 2014
Perdomo 10th Champgn Churchill
very nice stick! All around a good smoke. Make time for this on.
FowlControl in PA February 19, 2014
Perdomo 10th Champagne Robusto
"Creamy savory and smooth"
smoked several of these and consistently great taste and creamy smoke once you re about a half inch in. stays pretty cool and tasty to the nub.
zin_guy in Silicon Valley California December 9, 2013
Perdomo 10th Champagne Epicure
"I hope you can do better Perdomo"
Sorry to say, but nothing special, just boatloads of nicotine. Flavors were much better when it first arrived. The draw was good, but the burn became extinguished when left unattended.
Stefan in City by te Bay October 12, 2013
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