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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Reviews

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Perdomo 10th Champagne Epicure
"Nicotine Monster"
Super high in nicotine. This has knocked me out on several nights. Flavors are terrific in the beginning, reminiscent of good Cuban tobacco, but they only seem to last for the first third of the stick. I was super excited about this at first, but I think I prefer the Habano Connecticut now.
Stefan in San Francisco October 10, 2013
Perdomo 10th Champagne Robusto
"OVER humid... Impossible to stay lit"
I lit one straight from the mail, and it was like trying to keep a banana lit... I'll let them sit and see how they adjust
David in Maryland October 3, 2013
Perdomo 10th Champagne Torpedo
"One of my Favorrites"
I have smoked cigars for about a year now,I usually get the robusto or figurado. I loved the torpedo just as much as my usual size. Smooth, mild, flavorful and consistent burn throughout.
Rod in Tennessee August 22, 2013
Perdomo 10th Champagne Robusto
Major spice from beginning to finish, with very little complexity. To be fair I tried these twice with different orders, but my opinion didn't change. Not a terrible smoke, but a real disappointment for the price.
BH in Alabama June 24, 2013
Perdomo 10th Champagne Epicure
"Love the Leaf!"
The Champagne has been my favorite cigar for the last 4 years. Buttery smooth yet complex smoke with a nice cool burn.
Perdomo 10th Champagne Robusto
"Nice Slow Burn"
The construction of the cigar was what I was most impressed with. Not to take away from the taste which just gets better as you work your way through. Great smoke. I got a 5 pack for just $18 from Cigar Monster, feels like a downright steal now.
Dan in New York June 20, 2013
Perdomo 10th Champgn Churchill
"A Favorite! Creamy medium Connie with complexity"
Definitely my go-to stick when I want a tried and true pleasurable experience. Smooth, creamy with hints of caramel and almond, cedar and roasted nuts...deelish!
Dan in Florida June 9, 2013
Perdomo 10th Champagne Epicure
Started off good but had a bad after taste. It started to fall apart about half way through and it did not have a great draw. I expected more.
Adam in Georgia March 6, 2013
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Figurado
"Delicious cigar"
For those who like a milder cigar, you can't do better. This is a beautiful cigar to look at, draws and burns perfectly and has loads of complex flavor right down to the nub. The CT wrappers are a bit delicate, but I think that is the price you pay for this kind of flavor.
Joseph in New Rochelle, NY December 2, 2012
Perdomo 10th Champagne Robusto
"A+ when paired right"
With white jerez/xeres/sherry "fino muy seco" and a few months of rest in the humi, this smoke turns from "blah" to "ahhhh!". Perhaps as bright, robust and complex as a CT/ shade smoke gets. It sure aged better than any CT I've attempted coddling.
Lenni in New York, NY October 17, 2012
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