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Perdomo 10th Champagne Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Just heaven, no other way to put it."
I smoked my first one tonight and I wish I hadn't. I have half a dozen Padron 2000 that are 10 years old that I consider to be edible they are so good. Smooth and flavorful in ways that words can't describe. These are better right out of the shipping package with only 2 days to acclimate. This is the cigar to beat, bar none. Leather, wood, coca, coffee, toasted nuts, a slight sweetness in the middle third. Never harsh right down to the nub. No pepper at all past the initial lighting (I'm not a pepper fan at all). Nice long finish that changes flavors as it goes. I literally had to hold it with 4 fingers and puff it like a roach because I didn't want the event to ever end. Now nothing else will ever compare! I'm ruined and loving it :)
Sal in Atlanta September 25, 2010
I am a big fan of Perdemo cigars my fav being Lot 23 Everything about this cigar was perfect constuction burn and draw. The best part though was the taste creamy coffee notes were the best!! I had no problem smoking it to a num, in fact if I had steel finger I would have gone further. Try em you'll love em
Lee in Philadelphia Pa September 5, 2010
"Smooth Smooth Smooth"
Smoked one of these last night with some Kettle on the rocks. Actually paired together really well. Very smooth cigar. Very nice draw and lots of flavor. Got a 5 pack and will be smoking more of these for sure.
Doug in Pittsburgh August 6, 2010
By far my favorite cigar. I order cigars weekly and this is my favorite. Love to order these when they go on sale. An exceptional smooth smoke, even burn and just down right marvolous!!!!!
Jim in Jackson, GA July 28, 2010
"Not bad for the money"
I wasn't overly impressed with the cigar. The draw was excellent and the appearance made it look like it was a better tasting cigar than it was. I actually thought it was a little too strong. Still, for the price it wasn't a bad deal.
Matt in Kansas May 23, 2010
"Amazingly smooth cigar"
Perfect cigar and one of the best I have had. Very smooth and silky.
Todd M in Las Vegas April 29, 2010
"great but a little inconsistent"
I have tried this cigar maybe 5 times in samplers. 1 out of the 5 was a disaster the other 4 were superb. The lowly 1 burned poorly was a hard draw and had a harsh taste. The good 4 were mild, creamy and had a herbal hint that made my eyes roll back. I will definitely buy a box of the robustos. Note, I did not age the above cigars. All smoked right out of the box.
marc in houston February 5, 2010
"Consistent, Easy draw, with a great silky taste."
My top #1 cigar for taste, smoothnes, and flavor.
Vincent in Union December 13, 2009
"I expected more..."
I had a few problems with the batch I got. The wrapper was flaky and flaking off. Even after it spent some time in my humidor. The cigar was very mild, as others have reviewed, and smooth too... but definately not creamy. I didn't get many exciting flavors at all. I'd say its an OK. I'm a huge fan of the Lot 23's that perdomo makes. Perhaps I got a bad batch.... or a really good batch of 23's.
Josh in Iraq October 28, 2009
"When I dream of a smoke"
This cigar is it. The complex flavors melt together in a way that suprised me and after I smoked a box and let 6 months go by I can't wait to have another one!! Creamy heaven!
in August 8, 2009
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