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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo Reviews

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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo Robusto
"Excellent stick for the price"
Great taste, good draw, nice strong ash, never bitter, great price.
Ben in Pennsylvania July 17, 2010
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo Robusto
"Excellent Criollo"
Was pleasently suprised by this one. It is well constructed, burns evenly and has a fine ash. Although rated as a full strength cigar, it was more like a medium to me. Flavor is solid and remains uniform throughout the entire smoke--does not become strong or bitter as you near the end. I'd buy these again. If you like Criollos, try a five pack of these.
SJM in Cordova, TN May 13, 2010
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo Robusto
"Surprisingly creamy robusto"
I received a 5-pack sampler of Perdomo as a promotion when I bought my usual supply of Avo' robusto's. I usually save the freebies to give to casual smoker friends or when I run out. I was pleasantly surprised by the Perdomo Criollo 10th Anniversary. Very creamy smoke, well constructed, great flavor, and impeccable burn. It is a bit stronger than my Avo's, but totally enjoyable. Still not an inexpensive cigar, but definitely worth it. I'm going to buy a box and let them age in my humidor....they should pack a punch in a few months!
Lee in New Jersey February 18, 2010
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo Epicure
"Another superb Perdomo"
Perfect burn, long ash, tasty. Wow! This was one great cigar.
Richie in Atlanta, GA January 12, 2010
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo Robusto
"Mmm surprisingly good"
I bought these from the auction and wish I would have bought more. It says spicy in the other reviews, I usually use the reviews as a standard before I buy although many tastes are different. When I see spicy in a review, I think peppery and I don't like peppery...these are not peppery at all. These are smooth and tastey. These have a great flavor, burn well, well constructed and I would recommend them. I plan to get more. There was tunneling near the end but this was my first so I will have to try the others to test it! ;)
Bill in Kentucky October 12, 2009
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo Robusto
"Fantastic spice and caramel"
Right off the bat this cigar hits your taste buds with heavy red pepper! But a few 1/8ths of an inch later it mellows, never losing the spice completely, but like a great chili it hits you up front the first few spoonfuls then it tones down and there is just good tingly spice. I noticed the further along I smoked the more creamy and caramel flavored it became. And as I approached the last inch and a half it picked up its earlier spicy notes and gave a full report of itself. Definitely a full bodied cigar. You can tell just by the lump you feel in the throat. Will definitely be buying again!
Matthew in Dover-Foxcroft Maine February 25, 2009
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo Robusto
"best tasting criollo to hit the market yet!"
I work at a local cigar shop, here in town, we just had a perdomo event and walt, the rep handed me a rubusto 10 aniv. criollo, i really like criollo, the cao, the illisiones 888, but i have to tell you. this cigar taste wounderfull, very smooth, very tasty on the palate. there is a definate spicyness to it, not strong, it doesnt leave the sinus burning, nor does it leave the tingling sensation on the back of the throat. just enough spice to be complex and keep you attention throughout the smoke, and of course that black liccorice criollo taste. this is a great smoke. if you like criollo do yourself a favor and try these. you WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!!!!!
Aaron in Charlottesville VA October 16, 2008
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo Epicure
"Damn fine cigar!"
Perhaps I have a faint bit of ESP; I just knew the Perdomo Resv. Criollo would be an exceptional smoke before I even managed to get my hands on one. Then again, it's Perdomo, so you can expect well-constructed cigar with a slow, even burn and great draw. With these preconceived notions in mind, I purchased a box of the Epicure vitola. When UPS delivered my package, I felt the anxious anticipation of a child on Christmas morning! I just knew this was going to be an awesome cigar! I have yet to smoke any variety of Perdomo Resv. (size, wrapper, etc.) that was less than excellent, so I was excited to fire up one of these babies. After impatiently tearing open the shipping box, I popped open the humidor-quality box and discovered, just as I had presumed, 25 well-constructed smokes with flawless wrappers. No rest in the humidor for these bad-boys! Upon lighting, the smoke had a flavor and body reminiscent of DPG Series JJ, but became much smoother than the aforementioned within the first half-inch. Each draw brought a mouthful of thick smoke and a consistent and enjoyable flavor. I smoked an epicure down to under an inch in length - at which point the flavor had become quite bitter. I won't be surprised if Cigar Aficionado rates the Perdomo Resv. Criollo "91" or "92", it is just that good!
JH in Chicago September 3, 2008
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo Epicure
Love the epicure size, great in the hand. Cigar burns perfectly even, excellent draw, sumptous wrapper. Taste very rich and full (I just can't bring myself to say leathery, toasty, nuts and beans)......but great taste.
DryHeaves in Birmingham, August 27, 2008
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