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Perdomo 10th Champagne Epicure Reviews [view details]

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"Fantastic, smooth %26 tasteful"
The Epicure s masterpiece! I have tasted many quality mild to medium cigars, but this unique Perdomo Reserve Champagne, I would not replace with anything else. This cigar has been one of my favorites from 2009.
Payman in Copenhagen October 2, 2014
"I hope you can do better Perdomo"
Sorry to say, but nothing special, just boatloads of nicotine. Flavors were much better when it first arrived. The draw was good, but the burn became extinguished when left unattended.
Stefan in City by te Bay October 12, 2013
"Nicotine Monster"
Super high in nicotine. This has knocked me out on several nights. Flavors are terrific in the beginning, reminiscent of good Cuban tobacco, but they only seem to last for the first third of the stick. I was super excited about this at first, but I think I prefer the Habano Connecticut now.
Stefan in San Francisco October 10, 2013
"Love the Leaf!"
The Champagne has been my favorite cigar for the last 4 years. Buttery smooth yet complex smoke with a nice cool burn.
Started off good but had a bad after taste. It started to fall apart about half way through and it did not have a great draw. I expected more.
Adam in Georgia March 6, 2013
"expect quality from perdomo"
Got 5 of these from the monster and like every perdomo I've had they never disappoint. A perfect burn and draw.repeated long flaky ash and fantastic aroma.everyone else here has described the flavors to a tee but not enough is said about perdomo's consistent quality.my favorite perdomo is still the lot 23 maduro but this cigar is well worth having in your humi.go with the larger ring gauges and you can't go wrong
Tom in Cookeville,Tn February 12, 2012
"Great Smoke, Good Flavor"
One of my favorite cigars. It is a smooth smoke, has a good burn and draw. There's only one reason they are on backorder right now and aren't available in singles or 5 pks right now, because they are so good!
Tim in Bear, DE August 27, 2011
"Deliciously Perfect"
The Perdomo 10th Ann. Champagne Epicure is one of my favorite go-to morning cigars. It pairs wonderfully with a cup of coffee, and is perfect for those early morning quiet times. Sit back and enjoy the velvety creaminess, that develops into a slightly nutty, cedary, smoke with just a subtle hint of sweetness on the palate. This is truely one of Perdomo's finest blends, and I have enjoyed box after box after box.
Stephen in Missouri December 31, 2010
"wonderful flavor, long finish, but....."
Bought these in a sampler and I'm now on my second box. Very nice flavor. Mild with notes of vanilla and cedar. I'll continue to buy but would like to see a more consistant draw. More tobacco and less air......
John in oregon June 13, 2010
"Good Cigar"
The Perdomo 10th.Anniversary Champagne Epicure sports a nice light brown sugar colored rapper, with some slight veins. The burn of the cigar easily supports a nice white one inch ash. Through the first one third of the cigar it displays hints of nuts, and creamed coffee in the nose and on the pallet. Through out the second third of the cigar, wisps of wood linger in the nose. On the last third of the cigar note of leather and ceder bombard the nose to complete a good cigar. The total burn time is about 70 minutes. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this cigar a 7.5
Robb in Michigan June 5, 2010
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10 Consistency (89) 100
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10 Draw (89) 100
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10 Appearance (99) 100
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10 Taste (87) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (90) 100
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