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Perdomo Champagne Noir Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"pretty good stik"
kinda slow start, good smoke,long ash,peppery taste. best 1/2 is in the middle. end develops a bit of a bite.
Randy in N.C. February 16, 2014
"Better than the other 10th Anniversary cigs"
Better than the other 10th Anniversary cigs because of the complexity of the wrapper, but the filler tobacco is pretty basic, mostly producing black pepper flavors.
in November 21, 2013
"Yin and yang"
For some reason Famous didn t post my previous review that was five paragraphs long; so here I go again, from memory. The filler resembled the tobacco of the 10th Anniversary Champagne: peppery and with not much complexity, burning bitter at the ends; nicotine seemed to be a notch below strong. The wrapper was the most interesting, with alternating notes of sweet oak, fresh oak, and bourbon. The flavor consistency was very poor though, with none of the interesting flavor staying for too long, the only constant being the black pepper. Construction and burn were much better than with the Champagne, and the draw was pretty good through a bullet punch. Overall these sticks consist of an uninteresting filler with an inspired wrapper.
Stefan in November 20, 2013
"Yin and yang"
Rather harsh in the beginning. Once the burn cooled down, I could finally enjoy the sweet bourbon flavors of the wrapper alongside the dominant black pepper notes of the filler. Toward the end of the first third some fresh wood also entered the picture, followed by sweet wood during the second third. I can now taste the sweetness of the wrapper on the tongue while I feel the strong black pepper at the back of my throat. The woodsy notes continued intermittently through the end of the second third, together with some dark cocoa notes. However, all these nuanced flavors are mostly an afterthought to the black pepper. The final third was the most exciting, with flavors of raw wood finally replacing the pepper. This was short lived though, and the stick turned bitter towards the end. The construction was top notch throughout, much better than that of the Champagne sticks; the filler is well packed, and the wrapper snug, while the draw was excellent through a bullet punch. Unfortunately, the filler is the same bold and not very complex peppery tobacco that is being used in the rest of the 10th Anniversary series. The nicotine seemed to be medium strong, a notch below that of the Champagne. It would be fun to try this alongside some of the other 10th Anniversary releases and note how the different wrappers affect the overall flavor profile. This was an interesting experiment overall, an yin and yang of sorts, but the stick is not very nuanced for my liking, and the lack in consistency is very frustrating. Still good for the money, especially alongside a spicy bourbon or rye. I think Perdomo is finally onto something with their barrel aged tobaccos. If only they could get a smoother filler... maybe in the 20th Anniversary version I hear?
Stefan in City by te Bay November 18, 2013
I smoke maduros exclusively and I have to say that this is one of the best! A rich smoke with plumes of thick white smoke accompanied by a great burn and smooth draw. The Camacho Triple Maduro and the Padron 64 Anniversary Maduro are a bit richer but, for the price, I'd sooner buy a box of the Noirs any day of the week. I was seriously impressed!!!
Al in Allentown, PA August 3, 2012
"truly Premium"
I was very surprised with this one. Good in all aspects. The uniform dark gray ash, the burn and taste is unreal. This cigar belongs to the greatest team of truly premiums. I bought one to test and now I will buy a box without doubts.
Flavio in Dallas, Texas April 12, 2012
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