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Perdomo Cuban Alabao Reviews

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Perdomo Cuban Alabao Toro
"Good to last bite"
Great cigar that I expected to be good because it is from Nick Perdomo but still exceeding expectations...nice ash, pleasent, good flavor without any harshness....
Jim in Ashburn, VA February 18, 2013
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto
"cant beat it for the buck!"
this is a great cigar for the buck,filled with flavor and construction is superb. Great smoke for late nights or after a dinner,coffee.
skbg in Las Vegas November 22, 2012
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto
"One of the better cigar's I've smoked!"
I read some poor reviews so I thought I needed to offset them with a good one. I really enjoyed this smoke. The flavor was to my liking (I not too earthy) and the burn was even, and smooth. Lots lots of thick smoke was produced from each puff. I could feel the strength of the cigar but it wasn't too strong.
W in Missouri August 17, 2012
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Toro
"All around goodness"
The description does not do enough justice for this stick. I would just like to add, great draw, lots of chewy smoke, even burn. I also need to add buttery, sourdough, and slightly musty. Surprised Perdomo dosn't offer this one everywhere. Only had to touch it up once, to be expected with most toros or longer. When you have time to kill, light this one up with a pot of coffee. A+
Doug in Arkansas July 30, 2012
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto
"A dud"
Wow. The first inch of this robusto was exquisite with tons of creamy smoke and nice flavors. Got two of these sticks in a Perdomo sampler and my first impression is horrendous! After the first ten minutes the cigar turned bitter with little flavor other than that of cheap fillers. I battled the flaky wrapper that keeps trying to peel at the nub fo half the smoke before giving up on it and letting the thing go out. I will age the other stick I still have and hope for a better experience. If the whole cigar had been as good as its brief beginnings it might have been worth getting a few more. But at this price, I'll probably leave these ones for someone else to enjoy and get a premium I know I'll enjoy.
Rob in Paradise, FL June 17, 2012
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto
"75-80 is about right for this stick"
I enjoyed this stick, but less than I expected. I think the rating of 75 to 80 is about right for these.
Robert in Boise April 24, 2012
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Toro
"Very Good!"
Another winner from Perdomo. Great flavor, with good construction that causes a great draw and burn. For the price, it is one of the best smoking option around.
Rich H in Coraopolis, Pa February 4, 2012
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto
"This nOOB not happy"
Even though I am just a beginner, I found the first one inch pretty smooth, but in-distinctive. That sour aftertaste (you know it already) started building up on my tongue after that. While "just OK" there are better smokes in this price range.
MarkusXL in San Jose, CA December 30, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto
"I was impressed"
I happen to like most of the Perdomo line and this was no exception. Draw was perfect, burn was okay, flavors...very nice. If you can get them for a bargain, don't hesitate.
Curtis in USA November 7, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Toro
"Enjoyed this one"
I am new to smoking cigars, having been at it for only a month or two. I have difficulty pulling ot the nuanced flavors of the ones that I have tried, but am getting a bit better at it. I was able to get a box of the Alabao Toro for a reasonable price, and did so due to the criollo wrapper, which I have enjoyed in the past. Although the experience was quite different from those that I have tried (Kristoff, CAO), I did enjoy this stick. The burn was a bit eratic, but did not fall apart until the last third, it having canoed to about a half inch differational. At that point, I simply let it go. I was not able to pick out a specific flavor until about the second third, when the cedar became very evident. I then noticed a charred flavor in the final third. Still, this was a very smooth smoke, and I was surprised that it stayed that way until the last inch or two, at which point it bacame to hot to tolerate. I used the cutter, possibly having too large a cut. Perhaps a punch would be the way to go here. No problems with appearance: oily, with the characteristic criollo appearance. Just a few blemishes with noticable veins. And the stick was not as solid as most I have had - seemed very mushy toward the end. Still, I am glad that I have the box. These wuld be good in rotation with some other daily favorites.
Steve in WV August 8, 2011
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