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Perdomo Cuban Alabao Reviews

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Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto
"Silky smooth wrapper, even burn, great flavor!"
I received this in a "best of" Perdomo sampler and am very impressed with it. The wrapper is silky smooth, the burn was perfect, draw was firm which is the way i like it, and the flavor was phenominal. Tastes of nuts, cedar, chocolate, all blend nicely. I really enjoy Perdomo cigars, but i think this one is the tops!
Joe in PA May 22, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto 5 Pack
"Not unpleasant"
I have smoked one box of the Robusto and feel that they are a more mild, well constructed cigar. I expected more flavor but this cigar has its place on days when my taste buds want something simple and not too strong ... nice cigar for those times.
rljcooper in Irving, TX May 19, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto 5 Pack
"Not very good"
Wanted to try for the price but very disappointed. Construction was terrible.
Mike in Augusta May 16, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto
"Quite Tasty"
I have ordered a couple of 5 packs in the robusto size, and after a few weeks in the humidor, I have found these to be quite good. They burn well, and have a nice spicy flavor (not pepper, but more akin to nutmeg and/or cinnamon). I don't quite understand the other reviews, but if they keep the prices down for me, so much the better. While these are not in the same category as a Perdomo Reserve Champagne, I actually prefer them to the Perdomo Reserve Criollo.
Terry Clark in Georgetown, KY May 9, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto
"Good Smoke"
Overall a good cigar. It is a bit pricey for a house blend, but I enjoyed the smoke. I got those at auction for a good price and I will buy again when I can get a good deal.
cajun555 in louisiana March 8, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto
"lots of smoke, not much taste"
Nice draw, burn line was uneven, not much taste, flat. So mild, it was hard to detect any taste at all. Got bitter & ashy tasting last 2", couldn't finish. Look elsewhere imho.
rj in ohio February 1, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Churchill
"Beautiful go-to cigar !"
Excellant , consistant smoke. The spice, the clean burn, the finish, hard to find something that equals this cigar. Thanks Famous and Nick P.
Joe C in LI New York January 16, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto
"WELL i liked them"
Actually these are a very good cigar but I agree with the previous review that they're a tad expensive for what we would construe as a house brand. I smoked a Perdomo 10th Anniv Crillo after one of these and they were comparable to my pallette. Not a fair comparison but I prefer the La Floridita Magnum Lt Ed.
roy.r in UK November 7, 2010
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Churchill
"Surprisingly Good"
I tried one of these that was given to me by a friend and enjoyed it so much, I immediately bought a box. The great taste, coupled with the long burn make this a great golf course essential.
Bassnvic in Columbus, Ohio October 7, 2010
Perdomo Cuban Alabao Churchill
"The Famous description is perfect except . . ."
It is rare for me to smoke anything other than a maduro. However, there is an appropriate occasion for any excellent cigar, and this smoke is that. It produces an excellently pleasant aroma and a beautiful ash. Otherwise, the Famous description is perfect.
Raymond in South Carolina June 18, 2010
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