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Perdomo Cuban Alabao Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"A dud"
Wow. The first inch of this robusto was exquisite with tons of creamy smoke and nice flavors. Got two of these sticks in a Perdomo sampler and my first impression is horrendous! After the first ten minutes the cigar turned bitter with little flavor other than that of cheap fillers. I battled the flaky wrapper that keeps trying to peel at the nub fo half the smoke before giving up on it and letting the thing go out. I will age the other stick I still have and hope for a better experience. If the whole cigar had been as good as its brief beginnings it might have been worth getting a few more. But at this price, I'll probably leave these ones for someone else to enjoy and get a premium I know I'll enjoy.
Rob in Paradise, FL June 17, 2012
"75-80 is about right for this stick"
I enjoyed this stick, but less than I expected. I think the rating of 75 to 80 is about right for these.
Robert in Boise April 24, 2012
"This nOOB not happy"
Even though I am just a beginner, I found the first one inch pretty smooth, but in-distinctive. That sour aftertaste (you know it already) started building up on my tongue after that. While "just OK" there are better smokes in this price range.
MarkusXL in San Jose, CA December 30, 2011
"I was impressed"
I happen to like most of the Perdomo line and this was no exception. Draw was perfect, burn was okay, flavors...very nice. If you can get them for a bargain, don't hesitate.
Curtis in USA November 7, 2011
"Silky smooth wrapper, even burn, great flavor!"
I received this in a "best of" Perdomo sampler and am very impressed with it. The wrapper is silky smooth, the burn was perfect, draw was firm which is the way i like it, and the flavor was phenominal. Tastes of nuts, cedar, chocolate, all blend nicely. I really enjoy Perdomo cigars, but i think this one is the tops!
Joe in PA May 22, 2011
"Good Smoke"
Overall a good cigar. It is a bit pricey for a house blend, but I enjoyed the smoke. I got those at auction for a good price and I will buy again when I can get a good deal.
cajun555 in louisiana March 8, 2011
"lots of smoke, not much taste"
Nice draw, burn line was uneven, not much taste, flat. So mild, it was hard to detect any taste at all. Got bitter & ashy tasting last 2", couldn't finish. Look elsewhere imho.
rj in ohio February 1, 2011
"WELL i liked them"
Actually these are a very good cigar but I agree with the previous review that they're a tad expensive for what we would construe as a house brand. I smoked a Perdomo 10th Anniv Crillo after one of these and they were comparable to my pallette. Not a fair comparison but I prefer the La Floridita Magnum Lt Ed.
roy.r in UK November 7, 2010
"Too Pricey for a House Brand"
A good cigar but certainly not a 10th Anniversary. It's a house brand. It should be priced accordingly -- like Alec Bradley's Siboney. Anything more than $60 a box for a house brand is too much money. At these prices, unless Famous puts 'em on special for $60/box, if the prices is pushing $100/box., may as well go with a known entity -- a branded super premium.
ROTHNH in Midcoast Maine January 2, 2010
Save your money for something else.This is just a bad smoke. I would not even rate it as an every day smoke. Terrible burn and wrapper is flimsey[unravels and peels off]. Some super glue or a bon fire may help. p.s. - dont give em to your friends.
Ricky in ElDorado,Ar. January 1, 2010
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10 Construction (72) 100
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