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Perdomo Cuban Parejo Reviews

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Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild
"This nOOB enjoyed this!"
As a beginner, my pallet is not fully developed, but I found this cigar to be pleasant and did manage to notice hints of Oak. I managed to smoke it down to the last 2.5 inches or so in one sitting, that was almost an hour, and had to put it down, as I got a considerable tobacco buzz. No I don't inhale! Even then, I can't say the smoke "went sour" much at all, so I found the whole experience quite nice. If you are nOOB like me, you don't necessarily want to steer toward this one, but if find yourself with one in hand, give it your full attention and enjoy this quality cigar to the fullest. Then decide if its worth a re-order. Gotta love Samplers!
MarkusXL in San Jose, CA January 2, 2012
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Belicoso
"Brilliant flavor for an hour or so!"
I've smoked 10 of these so far, and it's time to get a box! My only minor complaint is that they can sometimes burn unevenly, otherwise I love everything about this cigar.
Curtis B in St. Paul, Mn November 4, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Churchill
"My very first one"
Nothin but good things to say so far, A little bit rustic looking,the burn is even and the ash is holding near 1 1/2" and lots of smoke the draw is effortless just right I'd say. I'm liking the flavor and it has somwhat of a sweet finish I find it to be in the Med to almost full range,I'd recomend these to a freind without hesatation.
BuffaloSpirit in Oneida Nation (Rez) Wisconsin September 16, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Epicure
"A heavenly smoke!"
I have been purchasing two boxes a week for the last two years and it is quite close to perfection for the most part. Every once and a while i get a bad batch, but famous has always made things right.
Evil Leon in The Land of Pleasant Living August 19, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Toro
"Another winner from Tabacalera Perdomo"
Like everything Nick Perdomo makes, these Parejo's are a fine cigar. Well constructed, well balanced, medium strength stogie with nice flavors of oak, leather and a hint of spice (subjective based on your taste buds). I rate them just a notch below Perdomo 10th Anniv. Champagne.
Mike Dielo in Dania Beach, FL August 2, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Epicure
"Love this cigar!!"
This is very good cigar, its full body, in fact it will rock your world if you smoke it all the way down to the nub, its full flavor, well made and overall a great value. I like the big 60 ring size, but it takes an hour or more to burn. I'm ordering another box.
Jon in Danbury, WI July 13, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild
Excellant cigar for the money. Nice aroma and good burn. Highly reccomend.
Doug in Haleyville' AL June 15, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild 5 Pack
"((( Split Decision )))"
The Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild, is a caramel colored cigar, with a silky smooth wrapper, with some vains. This Rothschild is mild to medium in strength. The ash burns ragged, loose and uneven. The wrapper is too thin, thus causing it to crack and split, throughout the burn. This is too bad, since the aromas and taste are very nice. Mild notes of nuts, wheat, and oak, are present in the nose through out the burn. Notes of creamed coffee and almonds linger on the pallet, well after the cigar is smoked. -- Note-- With this cigar suffering from construction issues, I will have to rate this Rothschild much lower than it should be. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate this cigar 4.5
Robb Hughes in Michigan June 3, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild
"a good perdomo"
not bad... more on the medium side of full, never gets bitter, rich, a little fruit to its body... well made, good burn...
ds in oregon March 31, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Belicoso
I got a box on "name your price" for a song and, i gotta say, one of the better cigars i've had. A spicy, robust flavour; beautifully constructed with a great draw. I sort've feel guilty for getting for so little!
Praetorian in Ohio February 18, 2011
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