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Perdomo Cuban Parejo Reviews

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Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild
I have been fan of the Cuban Parejo Rothschild since 2005. The full body Cuban Parejo Rothschild taste like fresh oxygen. Blows your palette with bold spices. When lit the Cudan Parejo Rothschild always sets tone and the ambiance of room.
M.Bryant S. Benford Sr. in San Diego February 1, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild
This cigar has fantastic, rich taste. One of my favorites to date. Best part aside from taste is the price. There made affordable enough to smoke as an everyday cigar.
marty in carmel,ny January 8, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Belicoso
"holy cow"
This one did not compare to the last.,.so much for consistency. The one I just lit up and finished, was quite enjoyable...I hope 'y'all get a good one..
rick in jerseyj January 3, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Belicoso
"good luck"
Dog rocket...good luck with yours.
rick in jersey January 3, 2011
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Toro
"Solid Smoke"
Picked up a 5-pack on the Monster recently...been wanting to try these...sounded like something I'd like-Nicaraguan fillers, Conneticut wrapper, big Toro size, medium-full body...and I'm not disappionted at all. Great construction, draw, burn; Well constructed and good looking. The smoke's not complex; Mostly leather with spice through the nose, but has plenty of rich, full, and consistent flavor from light to nub. I can see these taking up residence in my humidor! Do yourself a favor and try one soon.
David in Central NC December 4, 2010
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild
"Consistently Excellent!"
I smoked the 2nd stick of a Perdomo sampler and it was better than the first. Long firm ashes, great flavor and finish. No restarts were necessary and smoked it to the nub. It just replaced the Lot 23 as my favorite Perdomo.
Mike in Utica NY September 24, 2010
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild
"Expectations Exceeded"
I lit this cigar up on the way home from work. I got a nice even light and from the beginning it was a nice smoking experience. While I?m no expert on construction, the cigar was very nice to look at, nice rich maduro coloring and cut cleanly. The draw was very easy and smoke had a nice, rich flavor and reasonable temperature. The only drawback was I had to relight it 4 or 5 times. I tried to let the cigar ?smoke itself? as was suggested online as to not over smoke it as novices like myself tend to do. Other than that, I smoked this stick down to an inch and the flavor was very consistent. As funds permit, I?ll definitely buy a box of these in the future.
Mike K in Utica NY August 16, 2010
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild
This is an excellent cigar. Easy draw. Even burn. Light gray ash that holds on forever. Great taste. Started out toasty and nutty, with some leather and spice. After half way though, the taste became more like dark chocolate. The finsh was very clean and minty. Looking forward to smoking another.
Bill C. in mid Maryland July 25, 2010
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Epicure
"Are you sure these are Perdomo's????"
I am a huge Perdomo fan, but these cigar are not in the same class of Perdomo's I have smoked in the past. Don't waste your money. Now to be fair to FSS, the price and service was great, but this Cigar was not worth the money.
Gregory in Beloit, Wisconsin July 3, 2010
Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild
"Loved this Cigar"
I was very surprised with this cigar. Not expecting the amount of flavor for the price. Take advantage of this if you like a cigar with zest. Not over powering, just right. I am going to buy another box just to give out to GOOD friends.
Pythonphan in New Jersey February 9, 2010
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