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Perdomo Cuban Parejo Rothschild Reviews [view details]

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Pretty bland not much to say about it!
Alberto Carlos in Chicago, IL July 30, 2013
"This nOOB enjoyed this!"
As a beginner, my pallet is not fully developed, but I found this cigar to be pleasant and did manage to notice hints of Oak. I managed to smoke it down to the last 2.5 inches or so in one sitting, that was almost an hour, and had to put it down, as I got a considerable tobacco buzz. No I don't inhale! Even then, I can't say the smoke "went sour" much at all, so I found the whole experience quite nice. If you are nOOB like me, you don't necessarily want to steer toward this one, but if find yourself with one in hand, give it your full attention and enjoy this quality cigar to the fullest. Then decide if its worth a re-order. Gotta love Samplers!
MarkusXL in San Jose, CA January 2, 2012
I have been fan of the Cuban Parejo Rothschild since 2005. The full body Cuban Parejo Rothschild taste like fresh oxygen. Blows your palette with bold spices. When lit the Cudan Parejo Rothschild always sets tone and the ambiance of room.
M.Bryant S. Benford Sr. in San Diego February 1, 2011
"Expectations Exceeded"
I lit this cigar up on the way home from work. I got a nice even light and from the beginning it was a nice smoking experience. While I?m no expert on construction, the cigar was very nice to look at, nice rich maduro coloring and cut cleanly. The draw was very easy and smoke had a nice, rich flavor and reasonable temperature. The only drawback was I had to relight it 4 or 5 times. I tried to let the cigar ?smoke itself? as was suggested online as to not over smoke it as novices like myself tend to do. Other than that, I smoked this stick down to an inch and the flavor was very consistent. As funds permit, I?ll definitely buy a box of these in the future.
Mike K in Utica NY August 16, 2010
This is an excellent cigar. Easy draw. Even burn. Light gray ash that holds on forever. Great taste. Started out toasty and nutty, with some leather and spice. After half way though, the taste became more like dark chocolate. The finsh was very clean and minty. Looking forward to smoking another.
Bill C. in mid Maryland July 25, 2010
"I agree with the others"
As was stated by others, this is a pretty good cigar. Good taste, but the only issue I have is that some have burned a little uneven. But it's not super uneven, just a little. I can live with the little uneven because it does taste so good.
Rob in Tustin Ranch January 26, 2010
Excellent cigar! After a nice Sunday evening meal, was the perfect finish!!!Smooth and full of flavor!!!
Chris in VIRGINIA January 3, 2010
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