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Perdomo Cuban Parejo Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Another winner from Tabacalera Perdomo"
Like everything Nick Perdomo makes, these Parejo's are a fine cigar. Well constructed, well balanced, medium strength stogie with nice flavors of oak, leather and a hint of spice (subjective based on your taste buds). I rate them just a notch below Perdomo 10th Anniv. Champagne.
Mike Dielo in Dania Beach, FL August 2, 2011
"Solid Smoke"
Picked up a 5-pack on the Monster recently...been wanting to try these...sounded like something I'd like-Nicaraguan fillers, Conneticut wrapper, big Toro size, medium-full body...and I'm not disappionted at all. Great construction, draw, burn; Well constructed and good looking. The smoke's not complex; Mostly leather with spice through the nose, but has plenty of rich, full, and consistent flavor from light to nub. I can see these taking up residence in my humidor! Do yourself a favor and try one soon.
David in Central NC December 4, 2010
"Very suprised to see good reviews. Terrible cigars"
Have smoked (have tried to smoke) about half a box. Most have terrible draw, all have very mild and boring taste (despite of "full" written in famous description). That was a mistake to buy two boxes on Monster. Just a $100 loss :(
Alexandr in St. Petersburg, Russia February 16, 2009
"Very bad draw"
Have purchased two boxes on sale. That was a mistake :( Nice taste, but VERY bad draw. Unsmokable.
Alexandr in St. Petersburg, Russia January 30, 2009
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