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Perdomo Edicion De Silvio Reviews

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Perdomo Edicion De Silvio No.2 Torpedo
I enjoy a Liga Privada #9 and T52 and if you like those smokes you have to give this cigar a try! Utter enjoyment from start to finish. A little high in price but you will get your money's worth with this cigar.
Cliff in Toms River, NJ December 18, 2014
Perdomo Edicion De Silvio Robusto
I have smoked three of these so far. This is the first pricey cigar I have ever finished. I have been sold some cigars and believed the hype..this was the first that lived up to it. I love Perdomo cigars (Lot 23, Habano, Champagne R) and this is every bit as good. I recommend to all maduro and Perdomo fans
Brent in Florida October 2, 2008
Perdomo Edicion De Silvio No.2 Torpedo
"Truely a diamond in the rough"
I can't believe there is no reviews for these cigars. That tells me that not too many people know of them. That may be a good thing when it comes to future availability and price. I purchased one from my local cigar store by mistake and fell in love with them immediatly, truley a diamond in the rough! Nice burn with wood overtones and a rich robust, yet smooth flavor till the end. If you're into a more full-body cigar, try the Robusto's. Whether Natural or Robusto, you won't be disappointed. Rhett's Rating: 7.7 out of 10
Rhett in Sacramento, CA August 20, 2007
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