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Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Reviews

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Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Maduro Churchill
"Hard to find a better smoke!"
I am definitely becoming a fast Perdomo fan. These were super right out the box! Consistently excellent. Received a sampler with a box and there wasn't a bad one in the lot. I'll smoke just about anything someone gives me, had a lot of good smokes, and these are easily a top 5. The Vintage line is my fav, but don't avoid the other lines, a taste for everyone.
Marty in Chicago May 29, 2013
Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Natural Epicure
I smoke mainly Cubans because of their constancy in taste,yet I will light up a Perdomo just for the unique taste..this cigar is smooth yet full bodied, starts off with a cacao taste and the then goes to spicy..love this cigar.
Leo in Canada April 10, 2013
Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Maduro Churchill
"Near Perfect Cigar!"
The ESV Vintage 2002 Perdomo is nearly perfect in every way. great taste, great constrution, "touch-up FREE" Burn, and one after another the experiance is duplicated. It's nice to know that when you sit down for a two hour smoke that you do nothing but enjoy it. No watching the burn to see if it's creeping unevenly, comming to far inside itself or other duties we all attend to on enjoying our puros. This cigar for the money is one of the best I have ever had. It will please a lot of different tastes. If you have not tries it do so SOON!!!!!
Larry in Ankeny Iowa January 15, 2013
Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Natural Torpedo
"Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Natural Torp"
I was pleasantly surprised with this cigar! The burn and draw was outstanding with a solid plume of smoke from start to finish. The Vintage Natural Torpedo will be a staple in my humidor from now on.
Chuck in University Park, ILL. January 13, 2013
Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Natural Robusto
"Great mild cigar!"
Don't usually smoke mild cigars but wanted to get some in the humidor to try. Came in a Perdomo offering. Wonderful mild cigar. Easy burn and draw. Lots of smoke. No problems staying lit. Started out very pepper, went mild for the first half with occasionaly spicy spots. Really enjoyed this as a change.
B Best in Windsor, ON December 3, 2012
Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Maduro Churchill
"Beautiful Rich Stick!"
This is a wonderful somke. It starts off with cool grassy,nutty notes. About an inch in it really kicks in to gear. Beautiful coffee and slightly peppery notes. From here it the nub it's smooth and RICH RICH RICH. Sit down or it will sit you down. A great treat from Nick Perdomo!
Larry in Ankeny Iowa August 20, 2012
Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Sun Grown Epicure
I had the chance to try this cigar at the Perdomo Martini Dinner at Leaf. In short, it was excellent from start to finish. Early on there was some spice which mellowed into the middle portion of the cigar. Flavors of chocolate, coffee, and leather were more pronounced as I smoked the cigar. The finish was enjoyable right down to the last inch. I was so impressed I bought a box in the way out. I consider this a medium bodied cigar. It matches well with dessert and a nice port, but is really enjoyable alone as well. I highly recommend this cigar.
Bob in Nazareth August 2, 2012
Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Sun Grown Epicure
"Smooth-Consistenly Good"
This cigar was a pleasure from light up to a 1-inch nub. Mild sweetness to a cedar flavor, nutty with a trace of coffee. Very smooth and enjoyable cigar...medium to upper mild body/strength...Box Worthy in my opinion and I will keep these on hand!
Scott in Montana April 19, 2012
Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Sun Grown Robusto
"Outstanding, smooth, medium smoke."
The Perdomo ESV Sungrown has become my cigar of choice, when I want to be sure of always having a pleasurable smoke. It burns evenly with a rich, taste to the very end. It is a "must try" in my book.
Terry R. in South Carolina November 23, 2011
Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 1991 Imperio
"One of the all time greats"
I've only had the Impero or one of the other ones but out of the two I smoked I couldn't have asked for a better cigar. I left one in the humidor for a few months and the other I smoked right away I just couldn't wait. The hints of flavor and the purest of smoke you truely can't get a better cigar for your money.
Ben in Pennsylvania May 11, 2009
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