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Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Sun Grown Epicure Reviews [view details]

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I had the chance to try this cigar at the Perdomo Martini Dinner at Leaf. In short, it was excellent from start to finish. Early on there was some spice which mellowed into the middle portion of the cigar. Flavors of chocolate, coffee, and leather were more pronounced as I smoked the cigar. The finish was enjoyable right down to the last inch. I was so impressed I bought a box in the way out. I consider this a medium bodied cigar. It matches well with dessert and a nice port, but is really enjoyable alone as well. I highly recommend this cigar.
Bob in Nazareth August 2, 2012
"Smooth-Consistenly Good"
This cigar was a pleasure from light up to a 1-inch nub. Mild sweetness to a cedar flavor, nutty with a trace of coffee. Very smooth and enjoyable cigar...medium to upper mild body/strength...Box Worthy in my opinion and I will keep these on hand!
Scott in Montana April 19, 2012
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