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Perdomo Fresco Reviews

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Perdomo Fresco Torpedo
"Great Value"
Best overall value I ve found so far. Every stick burns excellent, and I love the taste.
Andrew in Arkansas December 23, 2014
Perdomo Fresco Robusto
"One A Day"
These are great for everyday and when you are hanging with friends. I really enjoy them for friends who don't smoke a lot of cigars. Not a fortune if they toss them in the campfire, but they are great tasting and a favorite of mine. Spread a few around in California last summer with my fire crew after an assignment. Everybody enjoyed them. So overall crowd pleaser.
Pete in Alaska December 14, 2014
Perdomo Fresco Torpedo
"The Best Value"
This is by far the best value on Famous Smoke. If you enjoy medium to full flavor but are on a budget, this is the everyday smoke for you. My favorites over the years have been the Punch Oscuro Rothschild, Alec Bradley Maxx, Tempus and Garcia My Father cigars. I was looking for a good everyday smoke at a cheaper price. Perdomo Fresco Torpedos in maduro beat all the other budget cigars I have tried such as the Carlos Torano Signature, the Gran Habanos, Infernos, Alec Bradley Overture, Rocky Patel Cubans and Perdomos own Alabaos. It is only one step below Perdomo's Lot 23, which it is very similar to, only a little looser filled and a little less leather and spice. Excellent draw, construction and burn with a spicy flavor. In short if you like a Lot 23 Natural it is comparable in strength and flavor to a Fresco Maduro Torpedo and you get 25!
Robert in Highland Lakes, NJ October 14, 2014
Perdomo Fresco Robusto
"My new favorite Value cigar"
I do not claim to be cigar connoisseur, but the Perdomo Fresco creates quite a predicament when justifying the cost of some pricier cigars.
Dave in Arizona April 30, 2014
Perdomo Fresco Churchill
"One of my favorites."
Good every day smoke. Excellent value. One of my favorites.
Cliff Delay in Georgia September 4, 2013
Perdomo Fresco Torpedo
"great cigar great price"
this cigar is great it burns well draws well and taste great I've never had a bad one worth the money
Les in tulare ca. August 14, 2013
Perdomo Fresco Robusto
"Best Cheap Stick Around"
Looks of the cigar vary. Some will have green spots, but most are pretty top notch. Flavor is very light. This is a great early cigar, or pre-dinner smoke. The burn gets a little crazy, but always seems to even itself out. Each one always seems to be as good as the last. I don't think there is anything in the ballpark of the cigar for the money. It's a great deal.
Trace in Illinois October 6, 2012
Perdomo Fresco Churchill
"very good cigar"
good taste and draw. great price
tim in sinking spring, pa. August 12, 2012
Perdomo Fresco Churchill
"Great cigar for the money"
This is an excellent everyday cigar. They are consistently well constructed, burn well, and have a good flavor all the way through the cigar. I'll buy again.
tim in sinking spring, pa. August 12, 2012 July 30, 2012
Amilcar Perez Castro
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