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Perdomo Grand Cru Reviews

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Perdomo Grand Cru Robusto
"Well balanced"
Well balanced, tons of creamy smoke, earthy. Reminds me a lot of toast and butter. Perfect draw with a great burn. Very enjoyable. Can't go wrong with a Perdomo.
Doug November 3, 2012
Perdomo Grand Cru Robusto Connecticut
"Smooth and creamy"
Got a five pack after reading some reviews, gotta say these are a nice, easy smoke. Even burn, sweetness and nuttiness on the palate, a hint of pepper on the retro hale , not overwhelming but thoroughly enjoyable. Will be keeping these in my humi and would not be ashamed to hand out to friends.
Rich C. August 11, 2012
Perdomo Grand Cru Robusto Connecticut
"Price Point Cigar"
These were a lot better when they were $16.50 for a 5-pack. I still buy them and they are a good every day smoke.
Mike in Bloomfield Hills, MI April 9, 2012
Perdomo Grand Cru Robusto
Decent taste at the start, but the damn thing wouldn't stay lit for me, even after aging for a few weeks in the humidor. Not sure if the constant relighting ruined it for me, or if it just turned south. Probably wouldn't buy again (unless the rest of the 5 pack turn out remarkably better.
Jimmy in Milwaukee, WI November 1, 2011
Perdomo Grand Cru Grand Epicure Connecticut
Not always the prettiest, but one of the most consistently enjoyable smokes I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Draw is flawless every single time. Flavor is mellow but rich. Highly recommend picking up a box or 4
Kitchen Gonzo in Canton, GA September 19, 2011
Perdomo Grand Cru Robusto
Great cigar. Solid flavors, even burn. Not hugely complex, but a good variety of spicy, sweet and savory flavors. Nice amount of smoke.
Mike in WA July 10, 2011
Perdomo Grand Cru Robusto Connecticut
"Short Money, Good cigar"
Bought these when they were on sale. Smoked half the box and I find them to be a consistently a decent smoke.
Rommel in Berkley April 20, 2011
Perdomo Grand Cru Toro
This cigar was outstanding from the very first draw. I was impressed by the smooth draw and excellent construction. Great taste, smoked down to the nub. Had to correct the burn once but that was the only negative. Don't know where these other two yahoos are coming from in their reviews.
Todd in Lexington Ky March 21, 2011
Perdomo Grand Cru Robusto
I'm a big fan of Perdomo's 10th Maduro and Criollo as well as the Patriarch. Several other Perdomo's are good as well, but this one just didn't do it for me. Very bland flavor, slightly uneven burn and the smoke was just okay. It wasn't a bad cigar, but not as good as many others from the Perdomo factory.
Jackson in California January 20, 2011
Perdomo Grand Cru Grand Epicure Corojo
"Great cigar!"
Great cigar! I smoke Cubans like Montecristo, Hoyo De Monterey, Partagas and this is not far from them. Great taste, great draw, very fresh and well constructed. Highly recommended.
Ofer in Israel November 30, 2010
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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