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Perdomo Habano Connecticut Reviews

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Perdomo Habano CT Toro
"Not bad"
So it wasn't bad but I won't say it was great. It had a consistent flavor throughout but the draw was poor in my opinion. The draw was soft and there was no resistance.
Charlie in UT June 11, 2012
Perdomo Habano CT Gordo
"A really great cigar"
Thsi cigar has become my favorite everyday cigar. There's nothing not to like!
Gary in DC May 4, 2012
Perdomo Habano CT Robusto
"Great Treat"
I bought these on the monster for $15 for 5, and decided to pull the trigger on 2 packs. WOW am I glad I did. I loved this smoke, simple, clean, and crisp. The flavors were great, with a mild body that could easily be paired with a drink. I enjoyed a few of them with Moscato while sitting with the Mrs. and it even tasted great. Definitely worth a try, and I now want to see how the Maduros perform!
Christian in TX April 12, 2012
Perdomo Habano Connecticut Petit Corona
"Very nice mild-medium cigar"
Admittedly, I'm a rookie cigar smoker, but I know what I like. The natural Perdomo Petit Corona is a smooth, even burning smoke. I've heard that they can be a bit tightly rolled, but mine was no problem. I will definately populate my humidor with these.
Bill D in PA March 1, 2012
Perdomo Habano CT Robusto
"Regular Morning Smoke"
Mild morning smoke, Perfect construction and draw.
Nick in Miami October 26, 2011
Perdomo Habano CT Torpedo
"here today"
No consistency whatsoever,you never know what you're gonna' get with these guys...I just smoked a good one!
rick in jersey January 3, 2011
Perdomo Habano CT Robusto
"Ash on Viagra"
Very impressive ash. I finally had to knock it off at the half way mark so that I could carefully remove the wrapper, which is too big, by the way. It's an extremely nice looking cigar and I experienced none of the construction issues mentioned here. Over the past year I have really become a big fan of Perdomo cigars. Construction and quality are consistent among every brand I try and the Habano is no exception. I've never had to touch up a Perdomo and never had a bad burn. This one burned almost 90 minutes. It's very smooth and I would call it a medium body. Lots of creamy smoke too. Having said all that, the Habano flavor and aroma are not among my favorites, but if it was, this would a cigar I would want all the time. After dozens of Perdomo smokes, I have yet to be even slightly dissapointed. The draw is perfect every time, which for me is one of the most important aspects of a good cigar. I congratulate the Perdomo family on creating such a fine line of cigars and making them available at reasonable prices so that they may be enjoyed again and again.
Jackson in California January 1, 2011
Perdomo Habano Connecticut Petit Corona
"Great for the money !!"
It is exactly what I expected. I lean toward a corona and like them a little mild but not weak. This was a great cigar, start to finish. I have recently sampled cigars at twice the price that don't compare in flavor, draw, burn etc... I am a casual smoker and when I burn one, I want to enjoy it ...this little cigar filled the bill...a definite keeper !!
Rich in Hartsville TN November 29, 2010
Perdomo Habano Connecticut Gordo
"I Like This One"
This is my first box of these and i am impressed. The Burn is great the draw is perfect. If you get in trouble, you can use it as a baseball bat. I will be buying more of these.
Steve Casey in Tucson, AZ. October 8, 2010
Perdomo Habano Connecticut Petit Corona
"Good Value"
Great medium body cigar. Earthy like an actual Cuban. A few in the box had a tight draw. I will buy again.
Tom in Connecticut August 14, 2010
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