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Perdomo Habano Connecticut Reviews

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Perdomo Habano CT Toro
"Consistant and Mild."
This may not sound like much of a compliment, but we have all had a "bad" stick, even in a 5-pack. I havent had a bad Perdomo Habano, yet. I really like what Nick Perdomo is doing. Every cigar in this line is great. This particular stick I smoke when I want something lighter than my norm, which is medium-full bodied.
Diablo in Denver, CO June 18, 2010
Perdomo Habano CT Gran Torpedo
"Cigar Nirvana"
A great smoke. Gigantor cirgar with monsterous flavor.Well made, burns nice and even, I would recommend this stick to anyone. Cheers !
Paul W in Brooklyn,New york June 7, 2010
Perdomo Habano CT Toro
"One of the best cigars I've ever smoked"
Yes has to be one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. finest quality tobacco with a smooth even texture. Consistent all the way to the end. You'll smoke it as far down as possible, I assure you.
Anthony S in Hudson NY May 23, 2010
Perdomo Habano CT Robusto
"Poor Contruction"
Poor roll. Wrapper unravels, poor draw. Bought a 5 pack and tried to smoke two. Both bad. Tossed both. Waste of money.
RN in CT April 24, 2010
Perdomo Habano CT Robusto
"Quality control problem?"
Got one of these in a sampler. Cap was unraveling before I cut it. Loosely packed with a poor burn. Not what you expect in a premium cigar. Probably would have been good had it been constructed properly.
Russ in CT December 18, 2009
Perdomo Habano CT Robusto
"Great mellow stick"
This robusto had flavor from the start. Toasted the foot, and enjoyed it until my fingers were in danger of being burned. Didn't get boring either - great variety of mellow flavors while being smooth throughout. A great smoke all around!
jinvt in vermont December 13, 2009
Perdomo Habano CT Torpedo
"bitter till the end"
Bought these on auction for a smoking price. Tolerated the first one I smoked, and was excited about trying this brand that I had heard so much about. However, after the first one... that I thought was a little dull in flavor..., I decided try one after a of couple months in the humidor. Each one that I smoked was good to start, and after about an inch into it, they all got bitter and stayed that way for as long as I stand smoking it. Had to put them down. I want something that leaves me happier from the bitter days, probably won't buy this type again.
big-t in ma October 27, 2009
Perdomo Habano CT Robusto
"Clean Tobacco Rico Rad"
Bold flavor but the draw is what stands out in this one fellas! Worth every penny on cigar monster! Would pay full price but bigger ring next time. Want to try 6x60 to probally blow my socks off! Usually love maduro and habano intensities, but this one is right up there save for the cleaner finish w/ conn. wrapper. Eventful smoking. Consistantly easy draw smooth construction.
Brent in Kirkland, WA August 6, 2009
Perdomo Habano CT Toro
"Very Nice Cigar"
I am stunned that nobody has glowed about this cigar yet - so I must chip in on this one. I have smoked my 8th cigar of this style - all have been top quality cigars. Perdomo makes a terrific big ring, and this is a fine example. Not quite a Montecristo - but very very close. Do try these - its hard not to burn your fingers on one of these!
cjb in vermont July 29, 2009
Perdomo Habano CT Robusto
"Look not futher"
First time buyer, but got them in Delaware tax free and paid $101.00 for box of 20. Love the looks, Like the thick feel, has a good slow even burn. The taste is good, but a little bit and holds it's shape. The wrapper did not come apart while smoking it which is a big plus for me. Someone looking for a fair price, good look and feel with tastt and burn this is the one. Will not look further for a while but will try some of there other types.
Barry in New Jersey South June 13, 2009
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