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Perdomo Habano CT Gordo Reviews [view details]

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"Okay for the Money"
I have smoked around 4 of these. They seem to be pretty popular for a casual smoke. First off the wrapper seems to be pretty flawless, but the most recent one did have some flaws especially around the cut, the wrapper started to peel and I had to end the cigar early because I had to much tobacco stuck to my lip. Otherwise, the cigar is pretty good for the price. It is a mild flavor that sticks to the middle of the tongue and goes away by the time you re ready for the next puff. Overall, a good cigar, I wouldn't buy a box but one or two every now and again.
zack Z in New York June 12, 2013
Everyone at some point has a 'go-to' cigar and I am happy to say, this one has just made it to my top spot. If you want a mild, warm, and big flavor, this one is a must try. I was astonished at the utterly effortless draw that remained cool until the final 3/4 inch. The construction was a well-build and I'm proud to say it was made here in the USA. A must try indeed.
Kason in Coulter February 27, 2013
"A really great cigar"
Thsi cigar has become my favorite everyday cigar. There's nothing not to like!
Gary in DC May 4, 2012
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10 Taste (90) 100
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10 Construction (88) 100
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