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Perdomo Habano CT Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"here today"
No consistency whatsoever,you never know what you're gonna' get with these guys...I just smoked a good one!
rick in jersey January 3, 2011
"bitter till the end"
Bought these on auction for a smoking price. Tolerated the first one I smoked, and was excited about trying this brand that I had heard so much about. However, after the first one... that I thought was a little dull in flavor..., I decided try one after a of couple months in the humidor. Each one that I smoked was good to start, and after about an inch into it, they all got bitter and stayed that way for as long as I stand smoking it. Had to put them down. I want something that leaves me happier from the bitter days, probably won't buy this type again.
big-t in ma October 27, 2009
While I love the Perdomo Habano line, the conneticut wrapper on this baby doesn't do a thing for this gar. This wrapper has a sting to it. Maybe time in the humidor would cure this problems but personally I will be sticking with the Corojo wrapper.
Red in South Carolina October 12, 2008
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10 Construction (84) 100
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