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Perdomo Habano Robusto Reviews [view details]

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This cigar is so smooth, the taste is amazing.....everything about this cigar is a 'perfect 10'
Steve in Michigan November 25, 2008
"very, impressed. You want leather? you got it!"
This was a wonderful smoke. Cool looking band, great constuction, good burn, good draw. Starts out mellow and creamy with nice thick smoke, then when it gets running it starts hitting you with loads of leather and earth. I smoked this baby to the nub... and for the price, you cant beat it
Justin. J in Canton, Ms July 10, 2008
By the gorgeous look of this cigar, I expected a very full, if not harsh smoke. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth it was. Not my everyday cigar nor one I would recommend to everyone, but for maduro smokers, I think you'd like it.
Brent in Florida June 18, 2008
"comparable with habanas"
Truly an amazing cigar, i never spect the flavors i found in this masterpiece, in flavor is very similar to a cuban montecristo #2, very nuty, creamy, and spicy with a very caracteristic corojo flavors like the goods habanas have the vanilla creme soda hints since the first puff to the midle of the cigar, then the streng intensify and get herbal flavors, some problems on the burn but not much, very recomendable and cuban-esque cigar!! this is gone a be superior with some aging....
Abelardo in San Diego April 5, 2008
Let me state up front that I am normally not a big fan of Nick Perdomo's products mainly because they seem far overpriced for what you get. Having said that this line is just a magnificent smoke. Not quite as full bodied as Famous makes them out to be, they are still very flavorful and well worth the asking price. Very nutty with woody notes, the cigar burns and draws perfectly. Nick is on to something here. If he can continue making cigars that are like this where taste and quality at a reasonable price are the hallmarks rather than trying to imply a "high quality premium" cigar via high prices he will do much better in the long run.
CitizenLand in Rhode Island March 24, 2008
"Better with age"
Lit up a robusto natural after about a month in the humi and the flavor is definitely improving. Lots of rich dark tobacco flavor. The smoke was pleasingly earthy with a slight peppery taste.
R.C. from MD in Westminster, MD February 1, 2008
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