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"Not Bad"
Pretty good cigar for the money. Great construction. Flavor was strong, and good, but not quite as rich and complex. I might start rotating a pack of these in my humidor.
Tim in Florida May 5, 2014
"Awesome Must Have Stick!"
Go toy your local store, get one, and smoke it. Don't read any more reviews, and don't listen to +$10 snobs. Afterward, you will come back here and thank me, My best description wood be a combo of barnyard, leather, and maraschino cherry.
Len in TX Panhandle January 17, 2014
"Great cigar!"
Medium bodied, great construction, draw, and burn. Decent amount of smoke and very smooth. Hint of sweetness as the smoke progresses, and overall very pleasant. Would smoke again!
BMW in PA August 13, 2013
"Great tasting full bodied cigar"
I bought this as part of a 6 pack Perdomo sampler. I really enjoyed the full bodied taste, and the really rich creamy smoke. Draw and burn good. Went well with a good strong IPA!
Jim in San Diego September 21, 2012
"Hells Yes"
I really like a peppery full bodied cigar. The corojo wrapper makes this cigar my new go to cigar. I love how it starts off smooth and creamy and ends up with a BANG!
JohnnyB in Laurel, MS September 17, 2011
I am a Perdomo smoker. This smoke met and exceeded my expectations. Would recommend to others
Pete in NYC August 27, 2011
"Absolutely the worst"
Purchased a 5 pack and I was shocked at the quality. Smoked three-quarters of it and it was bitter tasting all the way and the wrapper leaf stung my lips and tongue the whole time. Not worth one dollar.
Dave W. in Massachusetts June 1, 2011
"Best Cigar I Ever Smoked!"
Perdomo Habano Corojo - This cigar is the benchmark that all others should be compared to. I have been a cigar smoker for 10 years and this one is all I smoke today because anything else by comparison is a disappointment. That includes all of the expensive "limited" boutique cigars. Of all of the stogies I have smoked, this one is by far the most consistent. Perfect draw, perfect taste, perfect long white ash. With an easy draw, you get a mouthful of thick billowy smoke - Cigar Nirvana! I would pay 10 times the price for this quality and taste!
Tony C in New Jersey October 15, 2010
"Smooth cigar with flavor"
I got these cigars in a sampler pack of the Perdomo Habano line. My initial reaction was that these were quality cigars, appearance and construction were very good. The burn was even and consistent on 6 of the 8 cigars I have smoked. The flavor had a nutty undertone, which I like. However I would not say this cigar is "flavor packed", just a decent and interesting cigar. The cigar can sometimes be premium priced and the cigar quality and flavor do not equate to 20-count boxes priced over $100. What better "rating" can I give other than this: I will buy more to have in my humidor; the caveat being..... only when I can find this Perdomo Habano at a discounted price under $4 per stick.
"Hogg" in Longwood, FL March 9, 2010
"This cigar was blended by a MASTER! Great Taste.."
The taste is incredible. Lots of great flavor and well balanced! I bought two boxes of the Corojo Robusto and I lit two up immediately.. With age they must taste even better. For the price, it's the best Nicaraguan!
Ernie in Coral Gables, FL December 23, 2009
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