Perdomo Habano Toro 6pk Sampler

$35.99Retail Price: $ 42.00
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Perdomo Habano Toro 6pk Sampler Varies cigars are worth every penny. Nick Perdomo Jr. created this special, full-bodied blend using Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in the Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa regions of Nicaragua. 'The beautiful Cuban-seed Corojo and triple-fermented Nicaraguan Maduro wrappers complement this unique filler blend by adding rich, bold flavors with a smooth, satisfying finish', says Nick. And tasting is believing. Whichever size and wrapper you prefer, one thing is certain: these cigars will enthrall you.
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"Great, with reservations... "
These cigars possesses subtle, varying flavors. Even burn on all but the maduro... more
jetdrvr in Central Florida
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