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Perdomo Habano Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Love this Cigar!!!"
Nice and spicy as the name gives it away. This is not your everyday cigar. This is a great cigar that has just the right amount of flavor and zest. It is well made and a has good burn. I have bought these a few times and love them.
Pythonphan in New Jersey February 9, 2010
"Wow what a smoke!"
If you like an easy draw and a lot of smoke this robust cigar will knock your socks off. I rate this cigar as the top of the line in the Perdomo brand. If you ever smell someone else smoking this cigar you will have to have one pronto. Never harsh always aromatic.......try it you'll like it !!!! One of my 3 go to cigars.
marc p. in houston January 25, 2010
"Couldn't believe it was that bad"
I loved Perdomo Cameroons and even Lot 23 were good for the price, so I thought this would be the same quality as I have appreciiated from Perdomo. But this Habano Toro had no flavor. I thought it might just be me or a bad cigar but I tried three and oofered some to others who enjoy mild said the same. I may have gotten a bad batch but I would not take the chance again. Thank goodness Famous allowed me to return the unused ones. That is what keeps me coming back to you.
Po'J in Hampshire, IL February 3, 2009
"Excellent smoke, smooth with good taste"
Excellent cigar! The draw is smooth and easy with thick white smoke. It has a smooth and even taste down to 1". I have thoroughly enjoyed this cigar and will buy more.
J C in East Mississippi October 22, 2008
"great smoke"
wonderfully constructed cigar. Burn is great with big puffs of smoke. The flavor is creamy and smooth and builds to a wonderfull spicy finish. I like the corojo the most, One of my top 10 and always in my humi.
swrsak in ms July 24, 2008
"Great gar for a great price!!!"
I too have a hard time seeing ratings from one end of the scale to the other but then I remember gars are line wine...it's a matter of personal taste. The PH Toro is one of my favorite smokes; great to look at, great corojo taste, a little spicier than I like but the taste is worth it. I only had a few not burn perfect but I put it down to my laziness because I do not rotate gars in the humi. Gobs of smoke, great draw and beautiful banding. I love this cigar and was disappointed when I took the last one out of the humidor. I gave several away and everyone like them. Great value!!!
Red in South Carolina June 19, 2008
"This One Will Age Nicely"
The Perdomo Habano Toro (corojo version)is one fine smoke. A firm draw, very good burn and this 5.5 inch puro lasted me a good 90 minutes, and stayed lit the entire time. The flavor is delicious, full body without being over powering. I think I finally have found a cigar that I can insert into my rotation of Pepin and Litto Gomez products that costs far less. With a few months in the humidor these will get even better.
william in pacific grove,ca January 20, 2008
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