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Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Great smooth smoke!"
This cigar is extremely smooth. It fills the mouth with a very pleasant smoke. Expect some creamy notes, along with some natural earthy/nutty notes. The cigar offers little spice, but has enough to produce just a gentle warming. I like smooth cigars and this one really did the trick for me! I bought 5. It is actually my favorite stick thus far. Cheers!
Cigarman in washington state October 13, 2011
"Really enjoyable"
Picked up a fiver on the Monster. Rested them awhile before putting flame to 'em. What a ride! I really enjoyed them and foresee another order in the near future.
Ron in Kentucky September 28, 2011
While I have only smoked two of these I find them to be Great. I was lucky and caught them on sale on the Monster. All aspects of this stick were pleasing.
Z-Man in NYC August 12, 2011
"Nice Smoke"
I am a fan of these sticks. They go well with an IPA or other hoppy style beers and are manufactured very well. My favorite from Perdomo.
John in Virginia July 26, 2011
"Pleasant and Smooth"
This is my first, surprisingly smooth, easy draw and nice after taste.
Bert Boyd in Roanoke,VA (USA) October 8, 2010
"Not bad not great"
Not a bad cigar but I wouldnt rush out to purchase one either. For the price its not a bad buy.
Brian in North Dakota September 13, 2010
"nasty smoke"
they need to do something else with lot 23 may grow some bananas
bob in ohio June 18, 2010
WOW what a great smoke, good even burn full bodied draw and great construction, The taste is a nice lightly sweet with a nutty finish. I got 2 of the lot 23 in a sampler I got from famous, I smoked the 1st after a day in the box I intend to let the other mature for a month or so. This is not the first Perdomo I have smoked but it is the best one. I would invest in a box of these.
Lee in Philadelphia, Pa. June 5, 2010
"Pleasingly different"
The Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro........Rich coffee flavors, wood, pepper and a pleasingly different twist of orange peel. Very nice. Give them some humi time, these babies need really makes` all the diff with these.
K.Vito B. in San Francisco, Ca. May 12, 2010
"My Favorite Perdomo"
I love this cigar and am very happy to find one for less than $5. Would pay 7 if I had too. This thing has been aged long for the price. I heard the land they use was virgin and didn't require any fertilizer on more this tobacco of theirs. Moderate strength...yet very creamy to me. Most would probably disagree, but I like it 10 times more than their Champagne 10 yr anniversary.
J in Gastonia, NC April 15, 2010
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